Majolica Majorca Unveils Chapter 39


It appears that Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 39 is inspired by the well-loved Fairy tale we all grew up with – Snow White. The new collection features a nude complexion with bright red contrasting lips, reflecting the latest Winter 2013 makeup trends spotted on runways internationally too.

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Had Fun at AmorePacific’s Gala Dinner

This week, I attended a gala dinner by AmorePacific at St Regis Hotel. Here I am camhoring while stuck in traffic.

With a long standing history of 67 years, the Asian Beauty Creator has 30 premium beauty brands under its Corporation and is identified as the leading and largest beauty company in Korea. At the Gala, Amorepacific Corporation will present a comprehensive collection of Korea’s top skincare and cosmetic brands.

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Etude House Pink Box Dec – Holiday Makeup Look using Christmas Miracle

Hi! It’s me, Pink Bird Blogger, Charlotte sharing with you Dec’s Pink Box for Etude House. Have you checked out Etude House’s Xmas collection in stores yet? With Christmas approaching in 2 & 1/2 weeks time, this is the perfect time to start picking out new colors for the special date.

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Smile bags, Tear bags, Eye bags…

If you naturally have these bags under your eyes, most commonly known as smile bags aka 笑袋. Then you shouldn’t try to conceal them because it has been trending in Japan since last year. And women all over Asia are trying to emulate this makeup look as well. I guess I’m in luck, because I have them naturally.

It’s amazing what these girls do to achieve such a look which is said to make your eyes appear bigger. *stares into mirror, does it?* They use highlighters, eyeliners, contouring powder and now, eyelid tape?!?! Seriously??

Saw this picture being shown on Facebook…

So what’s your take on this? I find the AFTER photo with the eye bags actually makes her look older. How can anyone find this cute. While I’m busy trying to photoshop my eye bags away from most of my photos, there these women actually wish that they have them.

I personally do not recommend doing this too often as you know, some people get double eyelids from wearing tape for years. Can you imagine permanent folds under your eyes if you do this too often. @_@

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Goodies from I♥KoreanBeauty

I Heart Korean Beauty was so kind to send me some Holika Holika makeup products to try out. Holika Holika is a popular Korean brand and one of the many brands which you can find on this online store. They not only sell Korean beauty products but also accessories and stationery with a new product range of clothing and K-pop merchandise coming soon.

Holika Holika means ‘Beauty-HOLIC’. It has this mysterious, magical theme behind it’s packaging and brand image.

And this is evident from it’s introduction:

Holika Holika has MAGICAL COSMETICS which will reveal your attractiveness.
Holika Holika has BEAUTY MAGICIANS who will make your dream to be beautiful come true.
If you wanna be pretty, SPELL HOLIKA HOLIKA!!

Interesting, yeah? Read on to find out more…

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