My latest iHerb Loot! (Promo Code In Blog Post)


Just received my latest iHerb loot! Been buying more sauces from iHerb, they have all these organic stuff at a fraction of what you pay in Singapore.


iHerb has over 35000+ top-rated healthy products; with discount shipping, incredible values and customer rewards. I super love the Annie’s Naturals Lemon & Chives dressing, it’s not only great for salads but also fish. I use this a lot on my grilled fish fillets and the taste is simply addictive, which is why I had ordered two bottles this round. As you know, I have been cooking lunch for work and being a big FISH fan, I have been doing mostly grilled fish. So this sauce works great and gives my fillets a more flavorful punch! I’m also trying out Simply Organic’s crushed red pepper, these are great with grilled food, pasta and pizza. 

Asher still has cough on and off, so we are trying out Honey Garden’s Elderberry Syrup with Apitherapy Raw Honey, Propolis and Elderberries. Elderberries are known to improve immune systems which raw honey is known for soothing the throat. Will try and review if it is worth purchasing.

Last but not least, I’m also trying out these Nature’s Plus Kids Greenz vitamins with Asher since he does not really like to eat his greens. Now, spare me the lecture, I know that getting nutrients from the original source is the best. But this is an alternative we are looking at since it can be so difficult to get him to eat his vegetables at home. I heard that he finishes them up without complaint in school though.

If you are a first-time customer, get $5 to $10 off your order when you use this promo code: QRV947 

Cooking Fun At CulinaryOn Sg!


CulinaryOn has to be by far the best cooking class both Asher & I has attended. We were lucky to get a glimpse into what goes on during a lesson at their media launch earlier on this month. The staff have injected so much fun and laughter in the lessons that there is never a dull moment and the children are often kept on their toes, anticipating the next surprise.

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Look What’s Cooking


Recently, it seems like I’ve become quite the domesticated goddess. It all started with a pot of beef stew gone wrong when I somehow managed to burn the carrots. I blame it on the pot though. Anyway, the good thing that blossomed out of this mess was that I started trying my hand at more dishes.

In the past, cooking was the last thing on my mind. And if I did cook, it would usually be an omelette or pasta, because pasta is really easy to whip up. But other dishes needed more

I was craving for hot plate tofu and decided to try making it myself. I found recipes online, mostly from a local blogger NoobCook. The recipes on the site were really easy and simple to follow. There were times when I didn’t have all the ingredients and I just made do with what I had. Sometimes, I would leave out stuff which I didn’t like either. Continue reading

What I’ve Been Up To… Bunny, Cooking, No Not The Bunny.

It is the beginning of the new year and no, I am not busy crossing out new year resolutions off my non-existent list. In fact, I was supposed to go on a diet but let’s just say that things did not work out the way I had intended. As some of you know, I had fostered a bunny but changed my mind eventually.


I’m giving myself a 2 months trial period to see if I can care for it. Since I don’t have any experiences with rabbits and I’m not sure if I can commit to it fully. I already have a dog, 4 fishes and a toddler. And most importantly, I do not have a stable income so I do not wish to shortchange the bunny either because rabbits have a pretty long life, they can live up to 10 years or more.

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