Christmas Shopping


December is one of the months where most of us folks tend to spend a lot and I am no exception. Maybe it is due to the holiday season where everyone is a in festive mood. Not to forget the temptation of all the year end sales with irresistible bargains. And it is difficult not to get tempted when you have been scrimping and saving up the whole year. This seems like the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself a little, only to realise that you can’t stop the moment you begun.


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Why I Won’t Recommend Maxi Eyes Spectro Flex Contact Lenses

I still remember the fateful day I wasted $56 on 4 pairs of these Maxi Eyes Spectro Flex contact lenses from Spectacle Hut. I thought that they were the same brands as the ones I often wore. But after paying up, I realized that the packaging was different. However, I was too embarrassed to return the goods and decided to give this brand a try. Bad mistake. So I did a quick check online and found that they were an in-house brand of Spectacle Hut. The promotion was 2 pairs for $28, 4 pairs for $56, that worked out to just $14 a pair, which was really cheap considering how I paid $20-25 for other brands.



To my disappointment, these were only 14mm in diameter, so don’t expect much of an iris-enhancing effect. Freshkon’s alluring eyes are 14.2mm and I already find them not big enough.

I’m not sure what diameter are the ones I usually wear but it’s definitely at least a 14.4 or 14.5mm. Just look at how big my eyes appear to be. Heh…

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Tried 16mm dia big eye lenses?

Was surfing the net & saw this news article “Online bulk purchase of contact lenses on the rise”, you may read about it here. And it kinda caught my attention because I had bought big eye lenses online before.

However, unlicensed online sellers are not allowed to sell contact lenses without proper prescriptions as this may lead to eye health problems. In fact, MOH are sending out warning letters to several blogshops which are doing so.

As guilty as I am in purchasing them, I felt that it would be fine to just share my thoughts on the big eye lenses. I think they’re an essential item for those who want to achieve the Japanese Gyaru look.

To get such a dolly look, one must emphasize on the eyes. And apart from using false lashes to create the huge, dolly eyes effect, you should invest in a pair of big eye lenses. Usual sizes are 13.8mm, 14mm (the usual I’m using) and if I’m not wrong 16mm would be the biggest.

So what would be the outcome? Would I end up looking like one of creatures affected by Mary Ann’s energy in Vampire serial show, TRUE BLOOD?

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[ADVERTORIAL] RevitaLens OcuTec™ Multi-purpose Disinfecting Solution

Do you wear contact lens?
Do you know that poor contact lens care habits may lead to risks such as discomfort (dryness, redness, itchiness) and increase the risk for serious eye infections?

I’m a brand ambassador for Freshlook Illuminate

Yup, I’m one of the 365 ladies that will be representing Freshlook Illuminate as brand ambassadors.
I was invited to have a mini makeover and photo-shoot session with them at the Plaza Singapura Atrium last Sunday.

Like most of the ladies out there, I wear iris-enhancer contact lenses because they open up the eyes and make them look bigger. That’s my eyes below with the Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses.

Most will know that I am a fan of really big, dolly pretty eyes and such contact lenses help to achieve this look. The Japanese, Taiwanese babes &  even Lady Gaga use such lenses to get eyes looking all big and anime-looking.

Freshlook Illuminate lenses are iris-enhancer dailies so they are more hygienic and hassle-free.
Just wear them and dispose at the end of the day :) The change was noticeable because my guy was like “Woah, how come your iris are bigger? I wanna try these lenses too” 😛 LMAO!
I’ll be looking forward to my photo and hope that I do not appear fat in there.
I know I’m rather phototragic but I really do hope for a decent-looking shot.
The makeup artist told me that I had good skin, that really made my day too!

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