‘Tis The Season Of Giving

While most of us are blessed to spend the festive season with loved ones; indulging in sumptuous meals and exchanging lovely presents. It is also a good time to remember the less fortunate. That little boy who hasn’t eaten in days, the mother who has lost her children to the violence of war, the grandfather whose entire family had succumbed to an infectious disease…. And the list goes on. There are endless stories which makes my problems seem so small and insignificant.

To be honest, it was difficult to open up my heart this year. As a stay home mom (without a constant flow of income), I do not have much to give. But youtube videos on the homeless and poor have shown me that the ones who are most generous, are the ones who have little to give. So who am I to not give willingly when I am so blessed compared to those that have little to begin with?



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Happy Boxing Day: A Summary Of Our Xmas


Just in a blink of an eye, Christmas is over and it’s boxing day; the day after Christmas where you open up your presents. We cheated and had Asher opened his presents on Christmas night though.


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Regifting – Yay or Nay?

Remember receiving a gift that seemed like a great one however you found that it wasn’t suitable for you or you just had no use for it. With the festive season approaching, you might be tempted to declutter your gift closet and start regifting those unwanted presents.

For those of you who are new to this practice. Regifting or regiving is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift. One example of a formalization of this activity are the white elephant gift exchanges, in which items can be regifted from year to year. (Source: Wikipedia)

Regifting has always been debatable, where it is frowned upon by some and yet wholeheartedly embraced by others. Personally, I am fine with resifting as long as it is done tastefully. Here are some points to take note of if you are intending on regifting a present for this Christmas.


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[Freebie Alert!] Shop Sephora On Zalora Online

This is for all you busy folks who don’t have the time to visit the shopping mall to get gifts for Christmas exchange but still want to be that awesome friend who gets everyone the coolest present. Well, guess what? Zalora has made things simpler for you with the Zalora app! You should totally download it because this app makes shopping online via your mobile so much easier.


And if you happen to pass by Orchard MRT Station, do check out the SEPHORA X ZALORA advertisements on the platform screen doors. You could use the Zalora app to scan the QR codes on the advert for special promotions and updates. But best of all, you could also redeem a FREE BEAUTY MYSTERY GIFT from Zalora when you scan on the picture that says “SCAN TO REVEAL MYSTERY GIFT”!


This is the pop up message that should appear on your phone once you have scanned the QR code correctly. Next, all you need to do is to just head down to the Zalora store at Ion Orchard B2-04/05 and show them this message to claim your gift :)

It’s only available to the first 200 beauty lovers so you better hurry! No worries as it has just started today but I don’t think many people taking the MRT know about this giveaway yet. So don’t say good ‘lobang’ I ‘bojio ah’! 😉



Painting People Since 1987 

Personalised High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits


There is no better way to capture a memory forever, as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But why settle for less with a photograph when you can have it captured on canvas, as your very own original work of art. You can expect a special and personalized gift that is remembered not just year-round but forever.  Continue reading

Hello December!

Ahhh… December, the favorite month of most people I know. It’s the time when we don’t need excuses for the merry-making, shopping till our credit cards are maxed and just simply lazing around, all in the name of soaking up the festive mood. I love December too… There’s just something magical about this month even though we unfortunately do not get Winter over here in Singapore.


So what have I been up to of late? Let’s see… I had been so excited over Black Friday sales since 2 weeks ago but strangely, I’ve not found anything to purchase. Sigh, so much for the anticipation. I don’t even have anything in mind to get for Asher either. Books, clothes or toys?

I mean, sure yeah, I won’t mind more books but not all sites carry the ones on my wish list. And I had purchased 5 more books as part of his Xmas present in the beginning of Nov.

foxsock-prv-1-734459He enjoys these lift-the-flap books even though he is quite the ruffian, we had a few ‘casualty flaps’ that were torn off. I hope to eventually teach him how to respect his books and treat them with care.


Clothes? His grand aunt has been splurging on him so often, I think he is about to outdo me.

And don’t even get me started on toys. Not only does he has quite a few toys but he just doesn’t really play with them. I guess he is at this exploratory stage where he just wants to play with our things. Stuff like my wallet, handphone or house keys. But thankfully, he still enjoys his books a lot. My efforts in reading to him since he was a month old have paid off 😉


Just the other day, I sat him down to just have fun with this activity book. It’s usually meant for older kids but what the heck, it was from his favorite board book (of the moment) – Dear Zoo. I thought that he won’t be interested in the stickers and more keen in putting them in his mouth but no, he surprised me. He watches what I do and then imitates me. When I let him have a go at it, he chose to let one penguin “escape” the enclosure. LOL! But we had fun with the activity book and I look forward to getting more in the future, when he is old enough to understand the activities.

There will be less partying and presents this year for me since I’m no longer working. But then again, nothing beats being able to spend quality time every single day with my son.


Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Merry Christmas!!!

It’s Christmas Day!!! And I hope you are soaking up the festive mood like I am.

Here’s wishing all of A Beauty Affair readers a Merry, Blessed Christmas! May your Xmas stockings be bursting and overflowing with presents 😉

I Love You, Gingerbread Man!

It’s no secret that I love Gingy or any Gingerbreadman that looks decently adorable.

So with Christmas round the corner, it’s no surprise that Gingerbreadman cookies are selling everywhere.

Even if you do not like the taste of ginger (like me), these cookies are still way hard to resist. Just check out how cute they look.

(credits Sweetopia.com)

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Pets not just for Christmas

It’s the time of the year where gift-giving is at its peak. But before you get that cute, oh-so-adorable and cuddly bunny (or dog or kitty or guinea pig etc) on impulse as a gift. Please take a moment to consider if you or your recipient would be able to care for it for life. Pets are living beings too. They are not items which can be re-gifted or just disposed off when the novelty of owning a pet wears off.

I’ll admit that Mocha was bought because I had always wanted a dog. But it was also through caring and loving Mocha that I learnt more about the plight of most unwanted dogs. Dogs that have been abandoned at shelters. Strays that are abused just because they share our public spaces.

Try to adopt if you can and not buy because of the puppy mills. Breeding dogs are usually not cared for and just mainly used to reproduce for monetary gains of their owners. It’s really a sad, sad case since it never leaves the confines of its cage. Just imagine having to keep getting pregnant. Even I couldn’t stand being pregnant for 9 months. What more a poor little dog who has to go through this cycle over and over again. I shudder at the thought of Mocha’s mom.

And since it’s Christmas season, hence, in the spirit of giving. If you have some cash to spare, why not contribute to the SPCA’s Christmas Wishlist 2012. The SOSD – Save Our Street Dogs & Action for Singapore Dogs is another place you can donate to.

Let’s do our part for Man’s best friend this Christmas 2012 😉

Charlotte’s Thoughts on Gift-Giving

I’m practical and picky when it comes to gifts, so you may think that I’m difficult to shop for. However, the irony is that I would be easily pleased with a cash voucher. That way I could get whatever I want or need. No more disappointment and feigning delight when unwrapping Christmas presents.

However, giving vouchers may be frown upon as some deem it as generic and not personalized.  So how do you get someone a present they won’t have to fake a smile just to patronize you? Or risk having that same item *gasp* re-gifted to someone else?

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