Etude House Pink Box Dec – Holiday Makeup Look using Christmas Miracle

Hi! It’s me, Pink Bird Blogger, Charlotte sharing with you Dec’s Pink Box for Etude House. Have you checked out Etude House’s Xmas collection in stores yet? With Christmas approaching in 2 & 1/2 weeks time, this is the perfect time to start picking out new colors for the special date.

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Let’s do the jingle bell rock!~

Anyone not soaking in the festive mood yet? I’m excited about the presents and the shopping for presents too. It’s also a great time to gather with people you love and care for, at the same, also to remember God’s gift to mankind. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this Xmas other than the usually Xmas parties and gatherings. Maybe I need some inspiration from the MFP Christmas Special.

Have you girls checked out the MFP Christmas Specials? If you haven’t, then you don’t know what you have been missing out. Christmas is just round the corner and if you are still clueless on what to wear or what look should you go for then the Christmas Special would come in handy.

With 6 sections from beauty to fashion to lifestyle, this MUST READ guide has everything you need to prepare for this festive season!

It’s like those extra booklets/catalogues you get in your fashion/female lifestyle magazines but the good news is this information is FREE FOR ALL. Looking like an online magazine, My Fat Pocket’s Christmas Special guide is simply a visual orgy. I really dig the colors and graphics used, it was all very appealing and eye-catching. The articles are informative & very relevant. So have you checked it out yet?

In Skincare, find perk-me-tips so that you would look fabulous for Christmas and also learn how to salvage post-party tired skin. This is one of my favorite sections because my skin is always so dull and tired out these days. I do really want to look my best for Christmas and as I usher in the new year, 2012.

Next, there’s Makeup which is also where you can find ideas on what makeup look to wear or how to get those pretty Christmas-themed nails. This is another fav of mine because I’m really running out of ideas on my Xmas party look.

And no, I don’t think those reindeer horns are a good idea.

The other sections are worth a read too. Under Bodycare, read up on articles that caution against those 5 inch stilettos and also tips on how to get sexy, long legs.Fashion brings you news from Chanel, where you can do your last minute shopping with ease and also juicy news on those topless A&F boys. Moving on, we have Living It Up, the lifestyle guide on where to go and what to eat or simply just what’s up in town! Last but not least, the Aesthetics section shares short-cut treatments to achieve that beautiful look you’ve always wanted.

So do remember to pop by the  MFP Christmas Specials ok? Meanwhile, I’ll go think up my 2012 resolutions.

Anyway, regardless of whether you’ve been naughty or nice, I’m wishing all of my dear readers a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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