Christmas Gifts Fit For A Star Wars Fan


It’s Christmas in 2 days time! Or make it 1 and a half… Do you have a Star Wars fan on your gifting list? Or are you one and hoping to receive something Star Wars related? Here’s a list of Star Wars merchandise which every fan would love you dearly for gifting them!


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Presents Everyone Is Giving But Yet Don’t Really Want To Receive


When it comes to gift exchanges especially among acquaintances or colleagues, I’ll admit that it can be kinda tricky to shop for. I’m as guilty as charged when it comes to shopping for christmas present and would often take the easy way out by just heading to a store and grabbing whatever christmas promo set they have that fits my budget. I guess that many folks out there are doing the same till some christmas exchanges have come up with ban lists that prohibit the gifting of such items.


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My Favorite Beauty Gifts For Christmas According To Your Budget


Christmas is a mere 10 days away, if you have not done your Xmas shopping then it’s time to get busy. Here’s a list which I have come up to aid you in making that all too important decision in picking out the right gift for your friends and family. But be warned, since this is a beauty blog, I’ll focus on more girly beauty items.


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