CNY Shopping Part II, The Hunt Continues…

I have been doing some online shopping of late, which is something rather rare because I’m usually shopping for Asher all the time. However, CNY is just around the corner, and I’m lacking casual outfits so what the heck. My wardrobe is full of work dresses but when it comes to casual stuff I only have tees, tanks and shorts. So I decided to get some casual dresses online.

Presenting my loot…

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CNY Shopping… Part I?

Ok, so I felt guilty for not updating my blog these few days. I have been busy with the baby and dog and a million other stuff which I don’t really know what… heh… I had to turn to the Internet for my CNY shopping.

2014-01-11 20.35.34

Sadly, I’d only managed to get my footwear settled so far… Presenting my CNY kicks!

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My latest online addiction – Gmarket

No, it’s not a game or forum nor is it a blogshop but it’s an online shopping platform. So Christmas is barely a week away while Chinese New Year is around a month and a week plus away. If you don’t know where to do your shopping, why not do it online? Let me share with you my latest obsession.

I’ve been spending every single day logged onto Gmarket. It’s like this infectious bug that just won’t go away. And since it’s the festive season, I’m constantly reminded through their daily newsletter of the promotions they’re having. All these just make it even harder to tear myself away from the computer screen.

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