CandyDoll New Launch in Mid June!

Just to share, in mid June… Oh wait, it’s already mid June so you may have seen these 2 brand new products by CandyDoll in stores.

CandyDoll Cheek Color in Flamingo Pink S$25.90

This gorgeous peachy pink shade is the season’s hottest cheek color. I think it would look great on my tanned skin.

CandyDoll Shading Powder S$29.90

And now, check this out, something new- shading powder. Enhance, contour & define your features with this soft, matt formulate powder. It is a shade darker than foundation to contour your face so that you would appear to have a sharper and slimmer face. The V-shape pixie face is all the rage now. And you too can create such a look with this powder :)

[Review] CandyDoll Cheek Color – Carrot Orange

The orange blush look had been all the rage since the Fall of 2011. I’ve tried a number orangey-peachy blushers but none as truly pure in shade like this CandyDoll Orange blusher. So true to its name – Carrot Orange; this cheek color is the exact shade of the vegetable that bunnies love.

I’m sure CandyDoll is a brand that’s no stranger to everyone. If you need a recap, check out my first entry on CandyDoll and its lip glosses/lip stick HERE. CandyDoll is a top Popteens brand in Japan, owned, designed and spoke by Masuwaka Tsubasa whose popular for her Gyaru aka Gal styled makeup looks.

So let’s check out this orange cheek color:

And see how it looks on my cheeks…

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