Lucky Dawn goes shopping at LV Island Maison for FREE

And so the 4th bag has been won by lucky Dawn Ng, an active member of the MFP FORUM. You can still try your luck for the remaining 3 brands – YSL, Miumiu & Chanel. Oh yes, Chanel… *inhale.. exhale*

Are you green with envy? Cuz I sure am and since it’s her bday month. MFP was so nice to let her top up 50% to a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Artsy Ombre!

Nice bag, yeah? I think it oozes style & class, so much sophisticated looking than the usual brown monograms.

Anyway, all hope is still not lost yet. You can still participate in the draw for the remaining 3 bags. So you’re lemming for something Miumiu, YSL or CHANEL (YES!!!!), then hurry up!

Campaign Period: 01 October 2011 – 27 November 2011

All lucky draw chances are valid for ALL 7 lucky draws.

Draw Item Promotion Cut-off Date  Draw Date
Draw 1: Balenciaga 14 Oct 2011 17 Oct 2011
Draw 2: Prada 21 Oct 2011 24 Oct 2011
Draw 3: Gucci 28 Oct 2011 31 Oct 2011
Draw 4: Louis Vuitton 4 Nov 2011 8 Nov 2011
Draw 5: Yves Saint Laurent 13 Nov 2011 21 Nov 2011
Draw 6: Miu Miu 20 Nov 2011 28 Nov 2011
Draw 7: Chanel 27 Nov 2011 05 Dec 2011

More photos over at LV Winner at Island Maison

[Giveaway] Love Prada? Get it for FREE!

Prada fans out there, hands up! Is there a new Prada bag you are eying to add on to your collection? Well, good news for you, here’s how you can get one for ABSOLUTELY FREE and OF YOUR CHOICE!

Check out the details under the cut!

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7 weeks, 7 luxury brand bags to give away

Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Miu Miu, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent… the IT girls in Tinsel Town are always spotted with their favorite IT bags.

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Top 3 picks of IT Bags I crave for…

I know 2011 is drawing to a near but these classic bags are so gorgeous so there’s no harm sharing, right? Classics as seen on celebrities & my top 3 picks… I would love to have if I only had the moolah~

Presenting #3 – The Birkin

Yes, the ever so iconic Birkin is a must for every self-respecting celebrity who can easily afford one.

#2 – The Chanel 2.55

It’s so popular – almost everyone has it and it’s probably the most replicated Chanel design. But it’s such a beautiful and classic piece. We all don’t mind being seen around with the same bag!

#1 – The Balenciaga 

I really like the oversized motorcycle bags, it’s like Doraemon’s pouch. You could just stuff practically anything and everything into it. I would really, really love to own one of these but in a sweet peachy pink color.

Now you can own your dream IT bag FREE OF CHARGE! Just take part in MFP’s Luxurious Giveaway… they will be giving away a branded bag weekly for the next 7 weeks.

Do check out my previous blog entry for details! Psst… CLICK HERE NOW!

Your chance to win a Balenciaga

This is your chance to get that IT bag you’d always wanted! Been lemming for that Balenciaga? Well, fret no more. Because now you stand a chance to win it from My Fat Pocket. And yes, this is FOR REAL!

Be envious of IT bag trotting celebrities no more! For the next 7 weeks, MyFatPocket will be giving away 1 different luxury bag a week. So that’s 7 chances for you in total! SWEET!

And they are not just giving you the bags, MFP is going to bring you to the boutique to pick up your bag. Seriously, how cool is that?!?! This is like a dream come true. Getting the bag of your dreams FOC!

MyFatPocket will play the role of fairy godmother at a boutique where you get to select the IT dream bag of your choice & let MyFatPocket do the paying. Bet the boyfriend would be so glad that his wallet is saved this round too.

Check out the brands lined up for the next 6 weeks. I bet most of cha are eyeing week 5 cuz that’s what I’ve got my eyes glued on!


Every 25 sample points earns you 1 lucky draw chance to take part in each week’s Luxurious Giveaway.

It’s as simple as selecting “YES, give me my luxury bag now!” in the form above! (You need to be a registered member or logged in for you to fill up the form.)

– Register now to instantly earn 25 samples points, which is 1 chance!

– Please note that ALL your current points will be converted to chances once you have opted into the contest.

– ALL the points that you earn during each week’s giveaway also converts into chances.

– We regret to inform you that you cannot back out of any giveaway once you have opted into the contest.

– ALL your points will be reset to ZERO regardless of if you are the winner once the week ends. You WILL NOT get them back.

Check out more info over at MFP’s page:

My obsession with Chanel

I simply adore Coco Chanel even though her personal life was a mess. (Yes, I watched the movie with my sister cause no one could in my social circle could appreciate such stuff…)

Coco Chanel was a style-setter and never a follower. She had the guts to go ahead and do whatever she wanted. Coco had style and style stays with you forever while fashion trends come and go. Blessed with nimble fingers and creating many iconic designs.  Everything in her collection just simply oozes class and elegance.

Even till now, Chanel’s true essence are reflected in the designs by her successors. Her fashion designs are kept minimalistic with the usual blacks and whites. And this is why I love Chanel so much. Every piece or design is always so classy and timeless.

I love everything Chanel but the price is not very kind to my wallet. So it’s a rare indulgence I only get to satisfy once in a blue moon. I was overjoyed when I got my first Chanel. It was a Chanel Kelly, a design that is since discontinued.

This gorgeous bag is decked out in durable Chanel caviar leather and features the signature logo clasp in the center. I got it for a steal from a reputable Japanese reseller for Chanel vintage goods. And this bag has gotten me several compliments whenever I go because it’s not a common sight.

My next Chanel conquest was a Chanel GST from Europe thanks to my BFF. This gorgeous classy bag is big enough for office or weekend outings. And I had been eying it for ages so now that I have it. I’ve pretty much satisfied my Chanel lemmings for the moment.

I guess you can notice the trend now, I’m into them black, caviar leather with the classy gold fittings. To me, these designs are classic and will never go out of style. I would love to keep these bags for a long time too so the caviar leather helps maintain the durability of the bags.

So if you have excess cash, you may consider investing on a Chanel piece. They are really worth the money.

One bag is never enough… or it is?

A dream IT bag is one that is much coveted and whose beauty surpasses all other bags. However, to the fickle-minded like me, there is a no dream IT bag but several dream bags. Since when was ONE bag enough for the fashionista?

Previously, I was lemming for a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST). See my baby in the above photo? Yes, it was lovingly carried back all the way from Paris. Such a beauty, isn’t she?

My girlfriend got the 2.55 classic in medium. That is another IT bag I’m considering. The 2.55 is an IT bag which style goes beyond the times. It’s a classic every Chanel-loving lady has in her collection.

Initially, as you can see where this blog entry seems headed. I thought I would be blogging about my top 5 dream IT bags. However, after I laid eyes on this bag… it seems like I could give up all the bags I have just for this one bag. Yes and that includes my Chanel babies!

Presenting the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

This is the worlds most expensive handbag that is valued at a staggering US$3.8 million. It is encrusted with 18 crat gold and features 4517 diamonds. The diamonds on this pricy creation weighs to impressive 381.92 carat. It is recorded by the Guiness Book of World Records as being the most expensive purse ever.

Don’t we all know that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. And when you can have the best of both worlds; glittery diamonds encrusted onto a glamorous, gorgeous-looking dinner bag.  I say, why not?

However, I can only lust and stare at this beautiful bag’s photo online.  How bout you just hop by My Fat Pocket’s article on this IT Bag:

All photos credited to the original owners.


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