Crazy Stuff Which Celebrities Do For Beauty

Sometimes, it seems as though celebrities are super mortals that happen to have all the superior genes because they look so good (almost) all the time. However, a lot of effort goes into keeping that image.


Wanna know what crazy stuff these celebrities do just to look the way they do?

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AMA 2013: Lady Gaga On A Horse Puppet to Miley Cyrus’s Pussy Cat Performance

The American Music Awards 2013 was a spectacle to behold. Let’s begin with the fairy tale grand entrance by none other than the Queen of Pop herself. You could say that Lady Gaga had outdone herself since her 2011 grand entrance to the Grammys in an egg. You really got to hand it to her for her creativity. That meat dress from the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 still pops up in my mind whenever I’m feeling hungry.


Lady Gaga arrived in style, dressed in a long, flowy purple Versace dress which she did a Spring 2014 shoot for the brand.

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Lady Gaga, Oprah & Bieber tops Forbes Celebrity 100 List

After earning a whopping $90 million with her monster tour and garnering influence through social media – she has 32 million fans on Facebook and 10 million followers. Lady Gaga pushes Oprah Winfrey aside to clinch the top spot on Forbes Celebrity 100 List with such ease and style.

Not that Oprah is doing poorly but her reduced payday at SiriusXM was probably what caused her earnings to fall short of Gaga’s. And guess who’s at #3? Well, it’s none other than 17 year old Bieber.

Bieber’s concerts, music and movie sales totaling to $53 million helped him debut on the Forbes List 2011. Now, doesn’t that just wanna make you a Bieber hater too?



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