[Review] Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm

A friend got me this from Taiwan and she swears by it. I have chapped lips all the time and I only use a lip balm when they crack. Of cuz, that’s too late because the lips would be in a bad stage and bleeding by then.

Carmex lip balms have been highly raved and sought after but this is my first time using one. I believe they do come in the original as well as other ‘flavors’.

Anyway, my lips were cracking real bad and to worsen things, I was sleeping in an air-conditioned room every night. So I decided to give this lip balm a try. After 3 nights, my lips stopped cracking and peeling. However, the moment I stopped application for a week, the chapped lips returned.

I guess I’m totally dependent on lip balm if I didn’t want to go on like that. As I’m really lazy and usually skip lip balm, I decided to put my Carmex lip balm under my pillow. This was quite an effective way in getting me to apply my lip balm each night.

Yup, I’m loving this!

Overall Rating: 

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