CandyDoll New Launch in Mid June!

Just to share, in mid June… Oh wait, it’s already mid June so you may have seen these 2 brand new products by CandyDoll in stores.

CandyDoll Cheek Color in Flamingo Pink S$25.90

This gorgeous peachy pink shade is the season’s hottest cheek color. I think it would look great on my tanned skin.

CandyDoll Shading Powder S$29.90

And now, check this out, something new- shading powder. Enhance, contour & define your features with this soft, matt formulate powder. It is a shade darker than foundation to contour your face so that you would appear to have a sharper and slimmer face. The V-shape pixie face is all the rage now. And you too can create such a look with this powder :)

[Review] CandyDoll Base Makeup

This is part 3 and my final post on the CandyDoll makeup I’ve received. If you missed out my other blog entries on the lip glosses and blushers, do check it out HERE.

From left to right, the CandyDoll foundation, Makeup base, Liquid Foundation and last but not least, the Face Powder.

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[Review] CandyDoll Cheek Color – Carrot Orange

The orange blush look had been all the rage since the Fall of 2011. I’ve tried a number orangey-peachy blushers but none as truly pure in shade like this CandyDoll Orange blusher. So true to its name – Carrot Orange; this cheek color is the exact shade of the vegetable that bunnies love.

I’m sure CandyDoll is a brand that’s no stranger to everyone. If you need a recap, check out my first entry on CandyDoll and its lip glosses/lip stick HERE. CandyDoll is a top Popteens brand in Japan, owned, designed and spoke by Masuwaka Tsubasa whose popular for her Gyaru aka Gal styled makeup looks.

So let’s check out this orange cheek color:

And see how it looks on my cheeks…

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[Review] Candydoll Lip Glosses / Lip Stick – Sassy, Pretty & Kawaii

CandyDoll is a top Popteens brand in Japan, owned, designed and spoke by Masuwaka Tsubasa (益若翼) who is a top Popteens model in Japan. Her popularity encouraged many pops fan and teenagers to follow her fashion style and makeup trend. CandyDoll first developed with the Cheek and Lip series followed by Lipstick and Mineral Powder lines.
Ms Tsubasa creates all different kind of makeup techniques, styles, looks and trends by using the most basic CandyDoll Color Cosmetics. Her look is famously known as a Gyaru look which literally means ‘Gal’ (Thanks Mocha for clarifying). As you can see her makeup inspirations are mostly very sweet, girlish and lolita-like.
I’ve gotten a bunch of Candydoll products to try out and boy, am I excited! For this entry, I’ll focus on the lip products – Lip glosses colors below which are newly launched at Watsons and the lip stick.
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