Money Saving Tips For New Parents


Raising a child in Singapore can be pretty expensive, just childcare alone can reach up to over a thousand dollars a month even after deducting subsidies given by the Government. When I was a new mother, there were some financial mistakes which I had made and wished that I wasn’t so consumed by the excitement of having a baby while making certain decisions. If I could turn back time, there are definitely some things which I would have done differently.


If you find yourself overwhelmed by the increasing expenditure due to the new headcount in your family, here are some tips which you might find helpful. Continue reading

[Advertorial] Bulk Purchases made easy with Speedpost

Most of us shopaholics should be very familiar with Speedpost; a service brought to you by Singpost which gets our documents & parcels delivered locally and overseas. Well, good news for you fellow shopping addicts, Speedpost now has a new service called the SPEEDPOST EXPRESS IMPORT. You can now make bulk imports with ease; just leave everything to experts.


It’s a service that allows you to import documents or parcels from over 100 countries & territories worldwide back to Singapore. It is a door-to-door worldwide pick up service for your import needs.

Now, how cool is that?!

This service would come in handy for those running an online business and brings in stock from overseas. Or perhaps a spree organiser who wishes to conduct a spree for items sold on an overseas website that does not ship to Singapore.

I would be excited to use the Speedpost Express Import when I want to get my sister in UK to do a bulk purchase for me. There’s so many brands in UK which are much cheaper and also not found locally. Furthermore, I don’t even need to bother her with the additional need to luge the heavy parcels to the Post Office. Because Speedpost will be picking up the items from her door-step.

Or perhaps when my girlfriend goes to Europe again and she can’t fit all the shopping buys from Paris into her luggages. I could just get Speedpost Express Import to pick up all the stuff back to Singapore for me. We won’t want those Chanel bags to get squashed, right? 😉

So how do we go about using the SPEEDPOST EXPRESS IMPORT service?

It’s real simple in fact.  First, you’ll need to fill up the REQUEST FORM which is available on or at all Singapore Post Offices.

Next, submit the form and make payment at any Singapore  Post Office branch.

After this, an email notification with an acceptance link would be sent to the overseas shipper to prepare for shipment. The shipper would have to log on to the online portal via clicking on the acceptance link in the email.

Next, select the order to process under the TRACKING / SHIPMENT INSTRUCTION MENU. Accept Shipping Institution, then enter shipment details & verify the pick-up address.

The shipper could also conveniently select the pick-up date & time according to their preference. And to end it, just print out the airway bill & shipment documents from the link.

After this, Speedpost would pick up the parcel and deliver it to the recipient in Singapore. You could also track it online via !

If there’s any excess charges or taxes incurred, you may make payment for the additional amount upon receiving your parcel.

So you see, it’s really simple and convenient! And right now, Singpost has a promotion offer too :

Yes! Not 20, 30 but 50% OFF the first 5KG.(Terms & Conditions Apply)

This promotion will go on from now till 4th September. So shopaholics, grab your laptops & start clicking away!

For more information, please visit or call their hotline at 1800 222 5777

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