Breast Implants vs Augmentation

Previously,  Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton caused a frenzy on the Internet with her Zero Gravity photoshoot. We see her boobs defy gravity as the skimpy bikini top she’s wearing seems to struggle to keep it all in place.


Hollywood celebrities, supermodels like Kate Upton, Victoria Secrets Angels and even Barbie doll all possess racks which are enviable by the mere mortal lady. So what’s a girl got to do if she wasn’t born with these? Well, thanks to advancement in the medical field, now you can choose from fillers or implants when it comes to upgrading a size up.


Breast augmentation known as lunch-time treatments where office workers zip into the aesthetic clinic for a 1 hour procedure to get fillers injected and emerge a cup bigger after that. This treatment is perfect for those who are squeamish about undergoing the knife. However, they are not a long term solution to bigger breasts as the effects last for a year to 3 years.

Macrolane, a popular body shaping filler has been banned for breast augmentation due to it’s potential health hazards. Read about it here. There have been several new augmentation treatments emerging since and that includes fat transfer breast augmentation where a liposuction is performed on area of concern to remove fats which is then injected into the breasts to give it a boost.

 If you are brave enough to wanna undergo the knife for a bigger bosom then implants would be your pick. But as if it isn’t already difficult to pick between the 2. Implants alone have different types as shown in the chart below:

Confused? Well, if you are considering an aesthetic treatment, head down to for more information and help in picking the right doctor.

A nice rack is good to look at, men like it, women secretly wish they owned it. But would I go for such a procedure? Thanks but no thanks, even though I may not be as well-endowed as Kim Kardasian. I am happy with the way I am, chest-wsie though I won’t mind a smaller nose or slimmer face but no undergoing the knife. >.<

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