Halloween & Christmas Picks From Lush Sg


Lush is everyone’s favourite handmade cosmetic stores and I was really psyched to be one of the first to check out the latest festive launch which featured both the Halloween and Christmas collection.

Lush Singapore

My favourite section has got to be the bath bombs area. This Christmasarus Rex is just one of the many fun festive bath bombs available for sale. I found this new range of bath bombs to be more visually captivating the moment they touch the water.

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Cutest dog in the world is Shunsuke… Move aside, Boo.

I’m sorry Boo but it seems that there’s a dog much more cuter than you. Meet Shunsuke from Japan, a 9 year old Pomeranian who still looks like a puppy. This dog has the BIGGEST eyes I’ve ever seen on any pup. It’s huge, round doe-eyes makes you just want to hug it real tight.

Seriously, how could anything so adorable exist? OMG! Just check out that look which puts even Puss in boots to shame.

His teddy bear-like appearance makes him look unreal and like a cuddly soft toy instead of a real life dog.

He is so famous, he even has his own merchandise. Much like Boo too but seriously, I’m 2now a Shunsuke fan. Sorry, Boo!

Anyway, for more cute photos, head down to Shunsuke Tumblr account HERE.

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