Hello December!

Ahhh… December, the favorite month of most people I know. It’s the time when we don’t need excuses for the merry-making, shopping till our credit cards are maxed and just simply lazing around, all in the name of soaking up the festive mood. I love December too… There’s just something magical about this month even though we unfortunately do not get Winter over here in Singapore.


So what have I been up to of late? Let’s see… I had been so excited over Black Friday sales since 2 weeks ago but strangely, I’ve not found anything to purchase. Sigh, so much for the anticipation. I don’t even have anything in mind to get for Asher either. Books, clothes or toys?

I mean, sure yeah, I won’t mind more books but not all sites carry the ones on my wish list. And I had purchased 5 more books as part of his Xmas present in the beginning of Nov.

foxsock-prv-1-734459He enjoys these lift-the-flap books even though he is quite the ruffian, we had a few ‘casualty flaps’ that were torn off. I hope to eventually teach him how to respect his books and treat them with care.


Clothes? His grand aunt has been splurging on him so often, I think he is about to outdo me.

And don’t even get me started on toys. Not only does he has quite a few toys but he just doesn’t really play with them. I guess he is at this exploratory stage where he just wants to play with our things. Stuff like my wallet, handphone or house keys. But thankfully, he still enjoys his books a lot. My efforts in reading to him since he was a month old have paid off 😉


Just the other day, I sat him down to just have fun with this activity book. It’s usually meant for older kids but what the heck, it was from his favorite board book (of the moment) – Dear Zoo. I thought that he won’t be interested in the stickers and more keen in putting them in his mouth but no, he surprised me. He watches what I do and then imitates me. When I let him have a go at it, he chose to let one penguin “escape” the enclosure. LOL! But we had fun with the activity book and I look forward to getting more in the future, when he is old enough to understand the activities.

There will be less partying and presents this year for me since I’m no longer working. But then again, nothing beats being able to spend quality time every single day with my son.


Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Asher’s Trip To The National Library

I’ve seen the baby corner in the library but never gotten the chance to bring Asher down. And since it was pouring heavily, we decided to just stick around the mall and perhaps pay the library a visit.

photo 1-2The sign says ‘Books for Babies’ with a nice open space for the little readers but really I think it’s more appropriate for toddlers. I had left Asher to roam free on all fours to just settle down in the area. The nearby librarians didn’t look too pleased even though he was quiet. Maybe they were afraid that he would mess up the rows of neatly stacked books. And that’s what he intended to do.

With such a vast collection of books, I thought he would be just as excited as I was to explore and start reading. Oh but no, he wasn’t interested in reading. Asher thought it would be more fun to play ‘Librarian’. He started taking out the books and rearranging them around the shelves.

We didn’t stay long, I think it was fifteen minutes the most. We had to pack up after a man handed him a balloon in which he seemed fixated on bursting it by pinching and clawing at. I had to take it away from him before it exploded in his face. Sigh… and so that wraps up our first visit to the library together.

For the time being, I guess he’s better off reading in our own in-house library where he won’t be overwhelmed by the hundreds of board books on display.

photo 2-1

We had our weekly play date at my place later on in the day. Asher was really psyched and all over the place. We are eagerly anticipating the next one!

Baby Book Review: The Hungry Caterpillar

Reading with my cheeky boy is one of my favorite past times.

It’s the only time I get to bond with him. Being a naturally quiet person (ok, I’m quite reserved unless I’m gossiping) , I don’t really like to talk much. And reading helps me to interact with him better through the story-telling.

One of our current recommended reads are the all time favorite The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I bought the sound book edition for him which features a sound button that you or baby could press to hear a playful walking tune with the subtle sound of chewing.

Even though it’s recommended for babies aged 6 months and above. (I suspect that they are afraid babies would somehow destroy the sound button with their excessive drooling or sucking.) Bubs is doing fine with it cus I’m the one holding the book and reading it to him.

The graphics are lovely as usual, very colorful and vibrant, the trade mark of Eric Carle books. It manages to capture bub’s attention for awhile at least.

Follow the hungry caterpillar on its journey to becoming a butterfly. Its storyline teaches baby to learn to count since the caterpillar starts with 1 apple and slowly progresses on to 5 strawberries and next, all the junk food as shown above. It also teaches baby the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly though it’s brief.

We have a few more editions of The Hungry Caterpillar because I simply love it so much. We now have the hardback edition and the puppet book. I’m still considering the pop-up edition but that’s probably only when baby is older & able to appreciate it.

All in all, I am giving The Hungry Caterpillar a 5/5 rating!

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