Blue Green Peekaboo Streaks In My Hair

Finally, I got to try something different for my hair this time round. Because I am no longer working, I can now take on colors which were previously frowned upon. I was recommended bluish-green peekaboo streaks in the under layers of my hair. Top it off with copper highlights around the crown and a dark base. I thought it was just right, something new and yet subtle.

new hair

First, I had a trim, I was told by my stylist, Ricky that I would be given more layers to bring out the peekaboo effect of the blue streaks. Next, the selected areas were bleached so that the blue color would set in easily.


I was given copper highlights around the top area and a darker base to make the colors pop. I was so used to having different shades of brown or red hair since I started dyeing my hair so I was really excited and anticipated the outcome of this dye job.

After rinsing off the dye, my locks were given a treatment that contained Moroccan Oil.


Moroccan oil is really good for hair, it rejuvenates and restores shine while keeping it moisturized. This was especially pampering for my hair since it just underwent a chemical treatment.


Check out the end results, I was really pleased to see more than just one shade of blue. The warm, emerald green added more character to the whole look. I’m really happy with the outcome. Ricky also had temporary curls done for me and my hair looks so pretty.

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This is my stylist Ricky.

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