Another Year Older…


And so it is the time of the year again, where I am another step closer to 40. *shudders* This year’s birthday was a nice, quiet affair which included a lot of feasting. I’m so blessed by all the treats and wonderful presents. On Saturday, we had an awesome lunch at Sumiyah Charcoal Grill Izakaya and dinner at Beaulieu House, thanks to hub’s aunty. Food was great at Sumiyah, fresh sashimi and delicious skewed meats. Loved it! Then on Sunday night, I whipped up a simple dinner and had the sister ovr. She treated me to Pizza Hut the next day for lunch to fulfill my pizza craving. I know Pizza Hut isn’t the best place to go for pizzas but they are having this 1 for 1 promo now and I just had to take advantage of it. Then later on that night, hub’s aunty treated us to Thai Express. I must have gained 10 kg from all the pigging out!

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Another year older & Mocha Post-Op

Before I had time to pen down my 2013 resolutions, my birthday is over in a flash. And yes, I am a year nearer to permanent Auntiehood. =/ Last year’s birthday cake was so huge, I was still eating it for breakfast over the next few days.

That’s only the head you see and my lovely Mocha.

This year, I opted for a small cake from Polar because it’s my personal birthday tradition that everyday birthday should be celebrated with a cake.

And even though I had an advanced birthday dinner at Su Korean restaurant at Far East Plaza. Seriously, I think they are overpriced somehow or I’m still upset that my pork was overcooked.

But I spent my birthday over the causeway, it was unplanned but at least the food was cheap and good. Just a sneak peek of what I had…

OK and then I had some shopping done but I ended up buying stuff for the little one. I’m going broke now and most of the stuff are buy are usually baby books, clothes or necessities. I guess most mothers are like that 😉 Willing to spend on the baby instead of themselves anymore.

By the way, Mocha just had surgery done to remove the normal testicle and the one which didn’t descend. Poor boy has 2 sutures instead of 1 due to that and even though he is back to his normal self. There are moments where he just sleeps cause he is too tired out. He usually konks out after taking his meds which is a good thing because I don’t want him to accidentally tear his stitches while prancing around. Please pray for his speedy recovery!

Now, I hope I will get down to the 2013 resolutions soon. I’ll be back… I still have got a bunch of beauty products STILL waiting to be reviewed and I am going back to work next week. OMG! :( So many things to do but so little time.

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