Korean eyebags all the rage now!

Beauty trends keep evolving and some are just really plain strange and weird. Remember the eye bag look I’d blogged about previously where several makeup tutorials have popped up all over the net, teaching you how enhance these “smiley bags” with tools ranging from white eye shadow to double eye lid tape?


So I have these very obvious 笑袋 aka Smile bags which I usually photoshop away but sometimes miss out when I’m too busy correcting other flaws on my face. And honestly, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry because these are all the rage now. Yes, puffy under eyes are the latest beauty trend now.

So much so that Koreans (and everyone whose just as crazy as them) are undergoing the knife just to have these fatty lower lids permanently there. Why? Because you look feminine, innocent and girly. A new aesthetic procedure has emerged; known as Korean Love Band Eyes or Youthlites, it is designed to mimic the natural youthful fullness found in the skin just below the lower lashes.

photoYou likey moi eye bags?

In fact, Prive clinic is the first in Singapore in offering a minimally invasive method using dermal fillers if you are keen in getting such a procedure done. Check out Annyeonghaseyo, Aegyo Sal! For the Love of Korean Eyebags for more details.

Any thoughts on this? Would you have them done or if you already have such bags under your eyes, are you proud of them now? Let me know, I’m curious…

[Review] Etude House Pink Bird Pink Box August – Dolly Eyes

When you talk about dolly eyes or a dolly look, the Japanese Gyaru look comes to mind. However, when it comes to how the Korean stars do up their makeup, I’m seeing a different trend. They have strong, thick brows and they always use black eyeliner! I’m not much of a fan of black but I am always open to experimenting new colors.

Check out Sandara Park & the Brown Eyed Girls’ eye makeup. Their makeup does open up and widens those pretty peepers.

I am still a klutz at makeup so I don’t think I can easily replicate their look but I’ll try. This month’s pink box was filled with lovely new products for Korea’s fall collection. Just check it out :

Everything you need to achieve those large, doll-like eyes.

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Tried 16mm dia big eye lenses?

Was surfing the net & saw this news article “Online bulk purchase of contact lenses on the rise”, you may read about it here. And it kinda caught my attention because I had bought big eye lenses online before.

However, unlicensed online sellers are not allowed to sell contact lenses without proper prescriptions as this may lead to eye health problems. In fact, MOH are sending out warning letters to several blogshops which are doing so.

As guilty as I am in purchasing them, I felt that it would be fine to just share my thoughts on the big eye lenses. I think they’re an essential item for those who want to achieve the Japanese Gyaru look.

To get such a dolly look, one must emphasize on the eyes. And apart from using false lashes to create the huge, dolly eyes effect, you should invest in a pair of big eye lenses. Usual sizes are 13.8mm, 14mm (the usual I’m using) and if I’m not wrong 16mm would be the biggest.

So what would be the outcome? Would I end up looking like one of creatures affected by Mary Ann’s energy in Vampire serial show, TRUE BLOOD?

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