Neogence Summer Skincare Workshop

My first Saturday media event on a Saturday after so very long. Even though I’m not working, Saturdays are usually a lazy rest day for me as I relinquish my parental duties to the hubs.

imageSo instead of staying in bed, I was at the Neogence Summer Skincare Workshop learning about their products. I even got to concoct my very own skincare essence so it was all worth it. Continue reading

A Look At October’s Glamabox

It might be a little late posting this since Oct is over. However, I just learnt that you can back purchase Oct’s Glamabox at the Glamabox Website. So if you like what you see here then you can head down to their website to purchase. It’s just S$19/month if you decide to go for the monthly membership, much cheaper than other beauty box subscription sites and the product samples given in the Glamabox are generous and unique.


It was a pleasant surprise to still find famous French artist Agnes Boulloche’s masterpiece on the cover of Oct’s packaging.


This round of samples includes :

MÍOGGÍ White Genion Total Radiance Serum 8ml + White Genion Cell Nutrient Enhancer 8g + Hex Perfector Illuminating Magic BB 1g + Hex Magic Foremilk Cleansing Powder 1g + Definite Renewal Overnight Program 3ml

Morii Platinum Essence Facial Mask 1pc + Morii Lifting Crystal Eye Patches For Dark Pouches 1 pair

Annie’s Wa Q10 Anti-Aging Jelly Mask 25ml / Annie’s Way Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask 25ml / Annie’s Way Hyaluronic Acid Brighting Jelly Mask 25ml / Annie’s Way Aloe Moisturizing Jelly Mask 25ml / Annie’s Way Italy Red Wine Jelly Mask 25ml /

EGO SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ 10ml + QV Face Purifying Mask 10g

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo 3ml×2pcs + Effaclar Gel Moussant 15ml


I especially like the sample packaging for the EGO SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ & QV Face Purifying Mask. Such handy containers make it suitable to pack for an overseas trip. I think it’s great that we have such beauty subscription boxes like Glamabox which allows you to try out samples before deciding if you wish to commit to buying the full sized item.  On top of that, the sample sized packaging for the beauty products make it really convenient to pack for a vacation.

20131022_151417_resizedThere’s also a promotion going on at Glamabox called The Mask Box. You can select 10 different masks for just S$21 which is really a steal since some brands alone, for a single sheet, can cost up to that amount.

 Curious about the October’s Glamabox? Check it out at the Glamabox Website.

My 1st VanityTrove

It’s always a pleasant surprise to come home to see a parcel, just waiting for me to dissect its contents. And even better if I have no clue what’s inside the box. Yes, beauty subscription boxes rely heavily on the element of suspense and they are apparently the IN thing now.

So check this out, I’ve gotten my first VanityTrove, the April Edition. And as much as I would like to camhoe beside it, I simply can’t due to a nasty eye infection that has left me looking like the eye of Sauron. (Lord of the Rings)

Continue reading

FREE Beauty Samples to redeem at MFP!

Have you checked out the freebies you could redeem in MFP? For every forum posting, referral etc, you earn points which can be accumulated and used to redeem these lovely products found here. In fact, by just simply registering and completing your profile in MFP forum, you can get yourself 25 points to start with. So what are you waiting for?

Check out new beauty products over at the redemption corner with brand names such as Palmer’s, Bio-essence and Organix.

Some items I would love to redeem and try would be these Palmers products. I’m currently using their cocoa butter to hopefully prevent any stretch marks during my pregnancy. It would be interesting to try out something else from this brand such as the Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream.

This product is formulated with the most advanced skin care ingredients to give you a more radiant, balanced complexion. The skin lightening formula is clinically proven to remove dark spots, freckles, and other skin discolorations.

Sounds good, eh? You just need 150 points to redeem this.
Do also watch out for more items in the next few weeks, including stuff like Ginvera BB cream, V-face shaper gel, Tanaka White lotions!!!

[Review] Beauty Paparazzi sends me Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack to try out

Beauty Paparazzi, houses Korean beauty products which are not only hugely popular in Korea but in Singapore too. And as we all know, most physical stores in town that sell such Korean brands are priced much higher. So you can save quite a bit when you spree online with Beauty Paparazzi. Featuring brands such as Etude House, The Skin Food to Laneige, your skin is in for a treat!

And unlike certain shady online stores or sprees that are offering dirt cheap prices because their products are imitations. This blogshop only sell Korean products which are 100% authentic! They are also able to offer such attractive prices due to the bulk volume purchase they make.

I got to sample one of the products they bring in and it’s a brand I’m new to. Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. I was real excited to try out this product.

Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack 80ml @ $22.50

So what is this?

A sleeping mask that is enriched with wine extracts from France wine which creates a smooth jelly texture which helps to removes dead skin cells and to provide hydrating moisture.
This is an interesting product and I think sleeping masks are heaven sent because these masks can be left overnight! No more falling asleep while masking and suddenly waking up to a dried up, wrinkled sheet mask. Opening up the jar, you get a faint whiff of what smells like a combination of berries and red wine. Lovely!
The texture of the product is smooth with a rich, creamy consistency. Application is a breeze and this does not feel greasy or clogging on your skin. In fact, your pillow cases are saved from any yucky stains!
How to Use?

After night skin regime, apply appropriate amount to face avoiding eyes and lip areas. Allow the testure to absorb and go to sleep. Wash off the following morning.

My verdict?

I think everyone who spends almost their entire life in an air-conditioned environment should get this. If you sleep in an air-conditioned room, you need to give your skin ample hydration. And this wine jelly sleeping pack does just that, by sealing all the nutrients from your night time skincare regime. On top of that, it also provides additional moisture for the skin too.

You can see the difference in your skin in the morning and trust me, you’ll love the effect.

If you wanna try out the Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack, please visit  BEAUTY PAPARAZZIs store now!

I was browsing through their site and noticed a few items which caught my eye. I think you should check them out too…

Travel kits that look this kawaii are a must get!

The Hello Kitty crazy girlfriend deserves some loving with this perfume!
And you should pamper your hair with Etude’s Silk Scarf range.
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