Hausfernails Showcases New Nail Designs


Liliya Hudyakova showed us how closely related art and fashion are when she made sketches of nature into dresses. One of the dresses which caught my eye was the one inspired by a pinkish purplish sunset at a beach.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? So imagine the picturesque, scenic sunset on my nails. Add on some seashells and sparkling jewels, and you get this!


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Sunscreen for the eyes?!?

Honestly, I didn’t know there was such a thing as sunscreen for eyes. So maybe, I’m like a mountain turtle lost in an abandoned well. And so it would be obvious that I use a normal sunscreen for face for my peepers as well. I did a little google search online and found that, hey, they do indeed have sunscreen for the eyes.

Top results show that Clarins has such a product available:

Sunscreen for the eyes area are more gentle so that they won’t irritate or sting the eyes. However, I believe this isn’t that necessary. If your usual face sunscreen doesn’t bother your eyes then stick with it. And if you have not been using sunscreen around your eye area then you should start soon.

The skin around the eyes are more delicate and therefore, more prone to aging – WRINKLES. Yes, the horrible W word which we all hate. If you happen to be spending more time in the sun, then grab a wide brim hat and a pair of shades.

You’ll be thankful 10 years down the road. Trust me 😉

Check out MFP’s article on sunscreen for the eyes:

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