My latest iHerb Loot! (Promo Code In Blog Post)


Just received my latest iHerb loot! Been buying more sauces from iHerb, they have all these organic stuff at a fraction of what you pay in Singapore.


iHerb has over 35000+ top-rated healthy products; with discount shipping, incredible values and customer rewards. I super love the Annie’s Naturals Lemon & Chives dressing, it’s not only great for salads but also fish. I use this a lot on my grilled fish fillets and the taste is simply addictive, which is why I had ordered two bottles this round. As you know, I have been cooking lunch for work and being a big FISH fan, I have been doing mostly grilled fish. So this sauce works great and gives my fillets a more flavorful punch! I’m also trying out Simply Organic’s crushed red pepper, these are great with grilled food, pasta and pizza. 

Asher still has cough on and off, so we are trying out Honey Garden’s Elderberry Syrup with Apitherapy Raw Honey, Propolis and Elderberries. Elderberries are known to improve immune systems which raw honey is known for soothing the throat. Will try and review if it is worth purchasing.

Last but not least, I’m also trying out these Nature’s Plus Kids Greenz vitamins with Asher since he does not really like to eat his greens. Now, spare me the lecture, I know that getting nutrients from the original source is the best. But this is an alternative we are looking at since it can be so difficult to get him to eat his vegetables at home. I heard that he finishes them up without complaint in school though.

If you are a first-time customer, get $5 to $10 off your order when you use this promo code: QRV947 

Happy Labour Day! Check out May’s Vanity Trove

It’s the 1st of May! Happy Labour Day, folks. And in conjunction with this lovely Public holiday, I’m excited to share with you what’s inside the May’s edition of Vanity Trove. This is my 2nd box so far and I’m really happy with this month’s loot.

photo (3)What caught my eye the most was this cute little sheet mask.. OMG…

photo (5)

It’s a beauty facial sheet mask that could be left overnight. It’s a first for me I think… I’ve not tried any leave-on sheet masks before. Anyway, there’s this sticker on the back promoting a boutique spa called GO60 which offers 1 transparent flat fee for all services and products*. Isn’t that interesting?

I’m glad I got to learn about this new place through this month’s Vanity Trove box. The spa won’t be opened till June. Oh well, I might go check it out and yes, I’ll be trying out the mask once I’m done blogging tonight.

photo 2

I’m elated to also spot the Aqua Rine Bath Salts which I absolutely adore. These bath salt scrubs are not only reasonably-priced but also super indulging. Included in this month’s box are the Peach & Rose scented ones. Lovely!

photo 3

Another interesting product worth a mention would be the SebaMed Feminine Intimate Wash. I really just can’t emphasize how much but personal hygiene down south is sooooo important. And making sure you get the right wash is just as vital, because we don’t want something too harsh to upset the natural pH balance down over  at that sensitive area. But I’m sure SebaMed is a trusted brand name when it comes to dealing with sensitivity.

photo 1

Last but not least, I’m totally digging the Bach original flower remedies RESCUE pastilles in Blackcurrent (my fav flavor for lozenges). This could not be any more timely because my throat was starting to act up and itch. So seriously, these are a life savers for me. And I’ve never heard or seen this brand around before too.

Which makes me glad to know that I have Vanity Trove to bring me these items and brand names which I would have otherwise missed out on.

Envious? Want to own a Vanity Trove too? Check out for more details. For S$25 a month, you’ll get to receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it. :)

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