[Review] CandyDoll Base Makeup

This is part 3 and my final post on the CandyDoll makeup I’ve received. If you missed out my other blog entries on the lip glosses and blushers, do check it out HERE.

From left to right, the CandyDoll foundation, Makeup base, Liquid Foundation and last but not least, the Face Powder.

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Kosé Esprique Spring/Summer 2012 Base Makeup

Recently, I’d attended a KOSE Esprique workshop featuring makeup artist Mr Clarence Lee. We were also introduced to the new Spring/Summer Makeup products such as the –

Lucent Lasting Base UV 50  (SPF 50, PA+++)

Forming Beauty Pact UV (Lasting) (7 shades, SPF 22, PA++)

Pore Matte Keep UV (SPF 20, PA++)

Look at the array of KOSE makeup products on display!

FM 933 DJ Peifen introduces makeup artist Clarence Lee.

Next, we are treated to a live makeup demonstration with a beautiful Korean model.

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