Money Saving Tips For New Parents


Raising a child in Singapore can be pretty expensive, just childcare alone can reach up to over a thousand dollars a month even after deducting subsidies given by the Government. When I was a new mother, there were some financial mistakes which I had made and wished that I wasn’t so consumed by the excitement of having a baby while making certain decisions. If I could turn back time, there are definitely some things which I would have done differently.


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[Review] Drypers Drynights

I had just received my Drypers Drynights sample a few days ago and I was excited to let Asher try them out. I believe this is the first time a diaper brand has launched a diapers that is specially for night use only. We currently use Drypers in the day only as they didn’t work out for us for long periods. So I was curious at how this new night diaper would fare.


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[Review] Asher Tries Out Moony Diapers

Asher goes to a 2 hour playgroup so I had to make sure that his diaper could withhold pee for that long without any leakages. I also wanted a diaper which required no change throughout night so that I could have uninterrupted sleep.


I’m no stranger to Moony Diapers, having heard so much about it from friends and reading all the raves online. So imagine my delight and excitement when I got to try the Moony Man L Size Pants on Asher.


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Check Out My iHerb Loot! (Discount Code Inside!)

And so I’ve jumped on the iHerb bandwagon! It was a wise decision because the transaction was quick and hassle-free. Shopping at iHerb is so much more convenient than shopping at and having to ship the items via a third party forwarder like Vpost or Comgateway. iHerb sends the orders via international post with a tracking number, but you could also upgrade to DHL or UPS if you need your supplements urgently.


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[Book Review + Giveaway!] Our Chinese Books Loot From Read With Me Mommy!

Asher has been crazy over this classic book, titled “We are going on a bear hunt”. We never fail to read it before bed and he gets excited acting out the scenes from the book. So I decided to search for the chinese version and mind you, it was pretty difficult trying to find this title locally. But I eventually found it!


Since Asher has shown some interest in mandarin, I wanted to expose him to the language as frequently as possible. And there’s no better way to do it than through our love for books and reading! Check out the books which we’d ordered, these titles (on the left row) are originally in English. He is familiar with the english version so it helps when I start him on the chinese version.


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How Much Are You Willing To Splurge On A Diaper Bag?

This question popped up when I started my hunt for THE NEXT DIAPER BAG. I’ve spent so much money on cheap bags that would last 3-4 months before giving way. I guess it is also partly my fault for buying normal bags and not diaper bags. You see, diaper bags were made to withstand all that battle ammo you throw in. Like the diapers, wet tissue pack, milk bottles, warmer, bibs, books or toys and so on. But yet, the fashionista in me finds most diaper bags boring. I didn’t want to be seen with a bag that obviously looked like a diaper bag. Because let’s face it, most diaper bags are ugly and not stylish.

My first diaper bag was a proper diaper bag but we had so much stuff in it and the sling wasn’t cushioned so it actually hurt to carry it around. After that, I bought a few other bags which eventually had their straps break because they could not withstand the weight I was carrying around.


Now, I’m wondering if I should just invest in an expensive diaper bag. Maybe a branded one. Or maybe I should just get a branded bag to double up as a diaper bag since branded stuff last longer, right?


But was I willing to splurge on something which some mothers point out that might be constantly covered in drool, poop and food. (Actually, I had gotten poo on my Prada before) Look at the Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Diaper Bag (discontinued), I think it could pass off as a laptop bag. Oh yes, anything that doesn’t spell out Diaper Bag!


Adelina Madelina has some really cute prints but I’m still not so sure about the whole design. I know, I know, you must be wanting to slap me hard now because diaper bags look like diaper bags because they ARE diaper bags. Obviously, I am clear on that. I just wished that they could design and manufacture something that didn’t scream DIAPER BAG!


Maybe something like the McQueen bag which Rachel Zoe decides to use as a diaper bag. Well, I actually have my eye on a bag (and it is not a diaper bag) now but it is gonna cost me a bomb. So it’s between the bag or using the money to pay off life insurance premiums. Hmmm…

[Activities with Toddler] Asher’s Extended School Holidays

We have decided to stick to playgroup for Asher for now but it is a new time slot and classes will only begin end of July. That means… another 3 weeks of no school for the little rascal! I have been cracking my brains for activities to do with the boy and I’m so grateful for the Internet and all these lovely mothers that homeschool their preschoolers. The Internet is full of resources and ideas shared by them.


Wednesday’s activities

We decided to do a fruits theme week since it was something simple and yet engaging for an active 20 months old! It was also easy to incorporate most stuff into this theme and the possibilities were endless. Asher had fun playing with the wooden fruits and doing some crafts. When we were at the supermarket, he got excited exploring down at the fruits aisle.


Thursday’s activities

I know some enrichment centers targeting at toddlers do such activities at a premium rate. I’m glad that I have the luxury of time to recreate the same with my boy. Furthermore, sending Asher to say, a mandarin class merely once a week isn’t going to make him an expert at the language. That’s one of the reasons why I did not send him for enrichment classes despite going for a few trials. I might probably consider doing so when he is older but for now, it’s all about fun, fun and more fun!

Resources used for the fruit theme:

Books: My very first book of numbers by Eric Carle | The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle

Crafts Inspiration: Watermelon printout | Paper plate apple with worm

Wooden fruits: Melissa & Doug

[June Holidays Special] Activities With Toddler

It is no simple task trying to keep a toddler captivated, since he started crawling at around 9 months old, Asher has always been more keen in exploring than sitting down to complete activities. They should put a warning on these toy packagings. I mean, they often show these happy babies expertly stacking rings. I bought him a similar toy too, expecting him to do the same but he never had much regard for the toy except to toss the rings around the house.

Soon, I learnt that toys weren’t enough. And that was when I started googling for activities to keep him occupied and stumbled upon all these pinterest-worthy activities online. “Sensory play” is a phrase that often popped up whenever I was searching for new activities. Sensory play refers to play that involves and stimulates the five senses; (the senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing), as this is how young children explores the world around them.


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[Review] innisfree Pure Green Baby Line – Organic Skincare For Your Baby ***Naked Baby Alert***

One of the popular Korean naturalism brands, innisfree has launched a special range just for infants and kids, presenting the Pure Green Baby Line! Carefully formulated with organic Jeju Green Tea that has proven mild and suitable for babies, the latest Pure Green Baby Line features a selection of organic-certified products which are in compliance with ECOCERT, a French organic certification organization. Parents can expect a full range from body products from lotions, creams to body wash, sunscreen and even diaper cream!

Most of the products contains 85.9% to 100% natural ingredients and are free of 1,4-doixane, animal ingredients, mineral oil, colourants, parabens, artificial fragrance, formaldehyde, acrylamide, benzophenone and silicon. So you can use these on your precious babies with a peace of mind.


We received the innisfree pure green baby baby lotion, baby cream and mum’s touch milk oil. Check out my review on these products…

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The ‘Mums & Babies’ Movie Experience At Golden Village GV

The boys settling in their cinema seats

I’ve heard of the Mums & Babies movie program at Golden Village and when they finally had another show coming up. I wasted no time and went ahead with a booking two weeks in advance. You bet I was excited about bringing my 18 months old boy to the cinema. That day came and went, and I hereby conclude that it’s a bad idea to bring your baby or toddler into the cinema.

The Golden Village website states “Screenings will be held in a conducive environment and the hall will be dim. Babies crying and running toddlers are to be expected. ” And being a mother myself, of course I knew what to expect when you put a bunch of babies together, much less in a cinema theatre.

But like every other parent, I thought I had it all under control. Obviously, with kids, you never have anything under control. Just mere  30 minutes into the Lego movie, my boy started to gesture for his milk before promptly falling asleep once he was done. By then, it was almost chaotic in the cinema as the other babies and toddlers got restless. Some thought it would be the perfect time to practice stairs-climbing or run around the front rows.

I guess I was lucky in the sense that Asher had decided to take a snooze. So I didn’t have to worry about him wanting to partake in any of the “restless toddlers” rituals that was happening around me. Besides, I had wanted to watch the Lego movie ever since it came out but a movie is a thing of luxury for a stay-home mother. I mean, I can’t even take a shower in peace, much less go out and enjoy a movie. So here I was, kid napping in my arms but I’m finally watching the Lego movie! (*Pumps fist in air*)

One and a half hours into the movie, I feel a hand grope my shoulder from behind and an embarrassed Dad apologizing while trying to get his toddler back on his seat. Then the kid sitting in-front spots Asher and is trying to climb up his seat to get a closer look, all the while chanting “Baby!” non-stop.

Asher wakes up and the show ends 10 minutes later. We were one of the first to leave the cinema because I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I guess we would probably have to wait for Asher to turn 4 or 5 before we bring him for his first proper movie. After all, I was 5 years old when I watched my first movie, The Little Mermaid, and I behaved perfectly well.

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