Hello December!

Ahhh… December, the favorite month of most people I know. It’s the time when we don’t need excuses for the merry-making, shopping till our credit cards are maxed and just simply lazing around, all in the name of soaking up the festive mood. I love December too… There’s just something magical about this month even though we unfortunately do not get Winter over here in Singapore.


So what have I been up to of late? Let’s see… I had been so excited over Black Friday sales since 2 weeks ago but strangely, I’ve not found anything to purchase. Sigh, so much for the anticipation. I don’t even have anything in mind to get for Asher either. Books, clothes or toys?

I mean, sure yeah, I won’t mind more books but not all sites carry the ones on my wish list.¬†And I had purchased 5 more books as part of his Xmas present in the beginning of Nov.

foxsock-prv-1-734459He enjoys these lift-the-flap books even though he is quite the ruffian, we had a few ‘casualty flaps’ that were torn off. I hope to eventually teach him how to respect his books and treat them with care.


Clothes? His grand aunt has been splurging on him so often, I think he is about to outdo me.

And don’t even get me started on toys. Not only does he has quite a few toys but he just doesn’t really play with them. I guess he is at this exploratory stage where he just wants to play with our things. Stuff like my wallet, handphone or house keys. But thankfully, he still enjoys his books a lot. My efforts in reading to him since he was a month old have paid off ūüėČ


Just the other day, I sat him down to just have fun with this activity book. It’s usually meant for older kids but what the heck, it was from his favorite board book (of the moment) – Dear Zoo. I thought that he won’t be interested in the stickers and more keen in putting them in his mouth but no, he surprised me. He watches what I do and then imitates me. When I let him have a go at it, he chose to let one penguin “escape” the enclosure. LOL! But we had fun with the activity book and I look forward to getting more in the future, when he is old enough to understand the activities.

There will be less partying and presents this year for me since I’m no longer working. But then again, nothing beats being able to spend quality time every single day with my son.


Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Busy With Baby Projects

I had been reading up on sensory play for babies and can’t wait to start a host of activities with him. However, some projects would have to wait because he’s still at the stage of mouth exploratory. And I am not comfortable at the thought of him putting certain items into his mouth. So the sensory activity box containing colored rice would have to wait.

Sensory play are activities which stimulates the 5 sense; touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. It’s vital for children to engage in sensory play because it helps them to develop¬†cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, physically and creatively.

photo 1-1

So I decided to add some plushies into his mini ball pit. These stuffed toys come in different textures, stimulating the touch sense. It was fun for Asher to discover and pick these items from within. We also got him another 100 more colored balls to fill up the pit.

He’s enjoying his sensory tunnel very much too, it never fails to inject lots of laughter as he peers through one end of it and sees me at the other end. I added some colored balls for him to have fun with while crawling through. We’re having loads of fun developing his gross motor skills, body awareness and motor planning skills.

And despite having a ball pit and tunnel, the little one isn’t satisfied with this DIY gym of mine. He can some times be found up and about, scaling the sofa. Unfortunately, there’s no more room left in this play area for more baby gym equipment.


Just a tip, if you do not have a ready-made ball pit, you could just buy an inflatable pool and fill it up with colored balls. The inflatable pool could also double up as a pool on hot days for baby to cool off. A bigger bang for your buck, eh? ūüėČ

Another project I’ve worked on was to fix his windows. DH accidentally broke one of the blinds in baby’s bedroom, rendering us at the mercy of the sun. So for the time being, I decided to stick colored vanguard sheets over the windows. I even added some cute wall decals for him to admire.¬†It was a brilliant idea, it keeps the sun out and isn’t costly at all.

photo 2

New Chapter In My Life As A SAHM

t1larg.stay.at.home.momAnd so I have decided to commit to Asher full-time. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, certainly my mom didn’t put me through college to be changing diapers or belting out ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars’ whenever the little one gets grouchy. But here I am, knowing that I have taken the first step to be with my boy before it’s all too late; that’s when he is all grown up. And I know I won’t be having any regrets.


There were many issues to consider before taking the plunge. Loss of career opportunities, progression, continual flow of income, financial freedom and independence. And then, there was also the other side of the coin, missing Asher’s first milestones, spending only 3.5 hours maximum with him each day, how was that possibly sufficient? Having to work with a pathetic two-faced despicable manager also helped made the decision easier.


I admit though, losing my financial independence was one of the most difficult things to come to terms with. So I thought of taking up a part-time job or try working from home but with Asher it is almost impossible. I don’t even have time to hang around Facebook anymore :(

This little fellow is a bundle of never-ending energy. Sometimes, he takes only 1 nap, and if we are lucky, he does 2. But it really all depends on his mood. He gets up at 6 or 7am in the morning and only goes to bed between 9 to 10plus. And in between his naps, he is up and about, crawling or cruising over everything.

So to be honest, my hunt for a part-time job has been abruptly halted. I still have Hellobaby SG for some passive income though.¬†And because I have always been financially-independent, I would most likely try to continue doing so. I could be going back to a full-time job in the future and I didn’t want to ‘break’ the cycle. It’s a good habit anyway. So thank goodness for my “just-in-case-I-hate-my-job” funds which I had set aside.

I had initially thought that the cutting down on my expenses would be difficult. But after going through my finances, I realized that majority of my money went to food and Asher’s or Mocha’s stuff. I hardly shop for myself ever since his birth, I think I spend 70% of my money on him. It’s so easy to spend on him than on myself.

Anyway, it’s still only the first week, I hope I won’t be raising the white flag too soon. Wish me luck and let’s hope it all works out fine. I guess I would probably be blogging more often about our little baby adventures than beauty stuff in future.

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