Lifestyle Articles To Chase Monday Blues Away

Chase away Monday blues with these Lifestyle articles from My Fat Pocket.

Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal Diet and Exercise Routine: How they Prepared for 2013 VS Fashion Show

For Fans of Ink on Skin: An Exhibition that Traces 5,000 Years of Tattoos

You Have Been Charging your iPhone the Wrong Way. Here’s How to Do it Right

Women Prefer Masculine Men During Ovulation

10 Funny & Tongue-In-Cheek Tips about Cat Ownership

Disney’s Frozen Illustrated in the Style of Tim Burton

Itchy, Smelly Dog? Yeast Infection May Be the Problem

A Video Showing 10 Food Hacks that Greatly Improve your Desk Lunch

Mies Container Restaurant – South Korea’s Hooters for Women

A Website That Encourages People To Explore Insects As Food

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My Selection of Fashion & Beauty Articles

Just thought I shared with you the top 5 Fashion articles from My Fat Pocket which I dig.

#1 – Photographer Fashions Barbie into Serial Killer

Definitely not child’s play here, check out how Photographer Mariel Clayton twists and bends the doll’s limbs to fashion the blonde into a serial killer and sadist.


#2 – The Bandage Dress has been Reinterpreted

Herve Leger’s body con bandage dress has redefined fashion. Check out this article if you’re a fan of this body hugging dress! Even blogshops are emulating these flattering designs and coming up with their own manufactured pieces.


#3 – H&M Opens in Singapore on September 3rd

Because I’m excited about their Singapore flagship store that’s opening next month! If you didn’t know, they will be opened for business on Sept 3rd 2011 at Orchard Building. Don’t say you’ve not been warned! Better mark your calendars now.


#4 – Reflections of Alexander McQueen

Because Alexander McQueen was one of the Fashion World’s greatest loss with his dismiss. Do check out the article to see style with an eccentric twist. That’s Alexander McQueen for you.


#5 – Death by cute: Vivetta’s cat skirt

Even I, not a cat lover, am swayed by the cuteness of this skirt. Don’t you agree that this is such a darling little skirt? Just look at the adorable cat ears sticking up above the pocket.


And now for my Top 5 Beauty Articles:

#1 – 8 Common Mistakes when Applying Falsies

I apply false lashes so often and can’t live without them. This article tells you the Don’ts when it comes to using these enhancers to open up your peepers. A good read, indeed!


#2 – Dear Make-up, Let’s Contour.

Learn the secrets on how to look slimmer or achieve bigger eyes with just your cosmetic and make up tools. You can get picture perfect looks when done correctly.


#3 – Beauty Routine For Every Occasion

Read on to find out the different beauty routines to different occasions and you may just find one that suits your needs. Skin dehydrated from clubbing last night or sun-tanning over the weekend? Fret not, the recommendations in this article would help you get back on the path of glowing skin.


#4 – The 9 Biggest Sun-Protection Mistakes

The sun – we love it for the sun-kissed skin it gives us but too much of tanning would result in photo-aging. Wrinkles and pigmentation are never sexy. If you have been religiously shunning the sun, you still can check out this article to see if you’re doing it right.

#5 – 17 Bad Skin Habits

This is a great checklist to see if you’re committing any of these beauty sins. We all long for a beautiful complexion and this article comes in handy with all the No-Nos you should take note of.

Hope you enjoyed my MFP picks as much as I did :)

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