[Announcement] Winner of Hand Chemistry’s Hyaluronic Concentrate


Thank you for participating in my Glamogirl giveaway for the Hand Chemistry’s Hyaluronic Concentrate.

These are the lucky winners for the contest…

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Giveaway Winners Announced for Etude House & Argan Oil Contest!

Sorry that this took so long, I was pretty much busy with baby and other stuff that I didn’t really have the time to sit down and pick a winner. Do note that winners for both contests were randomly selected. Thank you for your participation and support :)

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A Beauty Affair is new in My Fat Pocket!

Hi readers,

Do not be alarmed, you are at the correct site. A Beauty Affair will now be hosted on My Fat Pocket.

It has been a long, crazy journey since 2009 when I first started this blog to share about the various beauty events I attended. A Beauty Affair has blossomed over the years and it’s all thanks to you readers for the love & support.

I hope that you will continue to support my blog as A Beauty Affair moves on to new boundaries & beyond.


Much Love,



[ANNOUNCEMENT] Broken links on my blog?

Dear readers,
If you happen to find broken images or links on my blog. Do kindly leave me a comment to inform me so that I may fix it.

I understand some have informed me about the Robin Niu Skincare Tips videos, however, they were originally embedded from RazorTV.
I have since re-added the new embedded codes but if they still do not work.
You may click on the links I have placed below each video.
Check out my Robin Niu Blog Entry HERE

I’ve also noticed some broken images for those hosted by imageshack. I have fixed those which I have spotted but if there’s more, do drop me an email or leave a comment.
I would really appreciate it :)


[ANNOUNCEMENT] Help the pets in Japan!

Most of us have probably been following the news closely ever since Japan was hit by a magnitude-8.9 earthquake on March 11th, followed shortly by a tsunami which wiped out most homes, leaving thousands displaced and homeless.
As donations are pouring in for the victims of the earthquake, let us not forget their fur pals too.

If you need a reason to donate and help, please check out the video below.

Honestly, I was terribly touched by the above video and could not watch beyond 2.06 minutes.
If that dog could do the above for his canine friend, shouldn’t we as humans do more for them?

Anyway, both of the dogs shown in the video have been rescued and I hope that they will make it through.
And that the owner is still alive and would be able to reunite with his fur pals soon.
There is an article for the above video, check it out HERE

I was googling on where I could donate to save the pets in Japan when I chanced upon this BLOG.
Therefore, I’ll just share some of the information from that site on my blog too.
If I’m not wrong, unclaimed pets might be put to sleep if the owners do not make a claim within 72 hours.
And that is something very sad because these pets do not have any choice or rights for their own survival.
Furthermore, with thousands still missing, its feared that their owners could possibly be dead too.

I just hope that perhaps while we pray for and donate to those stricken by this tragedy in Japan.
We could also do the same for these helpless creatures.

“Donate to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS).
This group is comprised of three private No-Kill animal welfare organizations in Japan; HEART-Tokushima, Animal Friends Niigata and Japan Cat Network. No animal rescued by JEARS will be surrendered to Animal Control (where they would be at risk for euthanasia after three days) under any circumstance. They rescue, reunite and rehome lost and abandoned animals.
The PayPal donation address is donate@jears.org
Donation Page at http://japanearthquakeanimalrelief.chipin.com
Become a fan of the JEARS Facebook page to stay up-to-date on their progress.”

“Support the Animal Refuge Kansai. This organization, which has facilities in Tokyo and Osaka, has set up a fund for their shelters. They are preparing for what is predicted to be a huge influx of homeless animals from disaster areas. ARK already has some facilities in place and a team of experienced staff able to deal with traumatized animals. The building of emergency shelters may be needed as well. Says ARK: “We will use our resources and know-how to help as many animals as we can, following this terrible disaster.”

World Vets is currently coordinating relief efforts to help the animal victims in Japan. The organization is sending supplies and preparing a group of first-responders who will be able to offer immediate aid to animals on the ground. Donate through their website.”

To help the victims in Japan, please check out this Yahoo Page.
I’ve made a donation via World Vision Singapore, however, you may pick a charity organisation of your choice.
This Yahoo Page lists down some of the charities that are currently supporting the victims of this tragic disaster.

Let’s keep Japan in our thoughts and prayers as they brace through this tough period.

Wishing one & all a HAPPY BUNNY LUNAR NEW YEAR!

Dear readers, here’s wishing all of you a 
I must say, the bunnies look alil evil with the red eyes but anyway, still kinda cute in a sadistic ‘happy bunny’ manner.
Do kindly note that a few scheduled blog posts will be up this weekend & next week but I’ll alway in sunny & lovely Maldives.
So blogging will officially resume during the 3rd week of Feb.
Happy Valentine’s day in advance too :)
I’ll need to sieve through my barangs and see what I can put up for giveaways!
Do stay tuned!!!

A Beauty Affair wishes one & all… + Winner of Xmas Giveaway

Yes, it’s the time of the year again where we get to indulge in sinful, delectable goodies & of course not forgetting to pamper ourselves with lovely presents too.
This entry will also reveal the winner of the Xmas Giveaway  :)
I have a guest judge for this Christmas Giveaway #3!
Because all of the entries were really good, I just couldn’t decide on a winner so I had to enlist the help of my dear fellow beauty junkie pal, HM!
Do check out her blog at:Little Pumpkin Pies
And the lucky lady whose comment that caught her eye is….

Congrats babe :)
Do drop me an email with your details!

Have A Merry Xmas All!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Winner of the Xmas Giveaway #2! Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Juice

I guess this is the moment what you have been waiting for.
First & foremost, thank you to everyone who had participated in my

Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Juice Xmas Giveaway Contest

Ready? Drum roll please!!


And the winner of the

Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Juice

Christmas Giveaway #2 is……

It was such a tough choice but I guess I have a winner.
And she is none other than…

Jamie Kao Peixin
Pls email me with your details soon!
Thanks to the rest for your participation 😉
If you did not win, fret not…
My other giveaway is still on at

Bella Luna Pte Ltd’s ridiculous emails to me


I had no intention of blowing things up but with the ridiculous emails you had been sending me, I felt like I needed to write an OPEN letter to you and make this known to all.

Gosh, it has been such a long time since I’d written this review on Bella Luna’s massage.
Check out my post HERE ! I paid for the service & I wasn’t pleased so I had every right to blog about it.

Anyway, let’s go back to the BASICS.
Marketing – most of us business grads would have taken this module before.
And even though I am currently not in the marketing line, I’m sure I have much more common sense when it comes to dealing with a dissatisfied customer & bad publicity.

What would you do if you were a marketing personnel from Bella Luna & you happen to have read about how dissatisfied a customer was with your service?

Would you….

1) Write a letter of apology & ask for more feedback on how you can improve your service etc?
2)  Perhaps do the above & also offer the customer another free treatment in hope that the customer would change their mind and give a positive feedback now.
3) Or tell the customer to shut up and retract whatever negative feedback that was posted on her personal blog

In this age of social media and technology, consumers are empowered with freedom and knowledge. The freedom to use & access the internet platform to gain more knowledge on whatever companies have to offer us. Check out review sites like Makeupalley.com where consumers all over the globe share beauty product reviews.

So this was what I did, I purchased an S$18 coupon via Cozyspree to indulge in a supposedly S$300 worth of treatments a day before my wedding photo-shoot. I was nice enough to exclude the fact that their masseur used so much strength that she ruined my manicure on 1 finger. I chose to close one eye on that…

However, I was not satisfied with the ambiance & the treatment so I decided to share my experience online. But Bella Luna sure wasn’t pleased with my candid review….

Check out their email to me:

And these were their subsequent emails:


Firstly, what is with the “You have to remove all Bella Luna Pte Ltd reviews from your website immediately” ?!?!
This coming from a SENIOR marketing manager, I am indeed shocked by her replies.
She was not only rude but also made no attempt to find out what had gone wrong; why I wasn’t happy with their service and so on.
Not only did she not bother to rectify the situation, instead, she merely made matters worst.

Jennifer Tan’s next email was:

Dear Ashlene,

Please understand, sometimes bad comments and bad reviews can hurt the company’s branding, even with just one. The reason why I asked for my company’s review to be removed from your web is because we have no laison with your company whatsoever. There was no written permission to upload such reviews and now that I have seen this, please remove the review. Truly appreciate.


(Actual email can be seen in the thumbnail above or CLICK HERE  )

I do understand the impact of bad publicity, however, this isn’t the way you handle it. Anyone can write anything in a review on their personal blog regardless of whether the service provider has given any consent or not. If I had received GOOD service from Bella Luna & blogged about it, do you think that Jennifer Tan would even bother to get me to remove my blog entry? Obviously, the answer is No.

Why would I even require written permission? So let’s say, if I buy a bag from ABC shop & I find it made of inferior quality, I can’t blog about my displeasure? If internet service provider XYZ gives me bad customer service, I can’t blog about it cause I have “no written permission to upload such reviews” ??? Jennifer Tan, stop making A FOOL OF YOURSELF!

Anyway, the last email was the final straw! (Actual email can be seen in the thumbnail above or CLICK HERE)

Btw Ashlene, if you still refused to remove your review, I cannot do anything about that right? But I wish to let you know that we at Bella Luna is extremely unhappy about it. Thank you.

Why do I, the customer, (or ex-customer because I’m not ever gonna step into their establishment ever with such crap service) need to care about your feelings when you have no regards for mine?
Instead of trying to appease the dissatisfied customer ex-customer, Bella Luna decides to try to shut me up by getting me to remove my review.

BTW Jennifer, if you still refused to acknowledge your mistake, I can’t do anything about that, right?
But I wish to let you know that I am extremely appalled & repulsed by the way you have handled this situation. Please go reflect on your actions before your company starts losing more customers.

Folks, do think twice if you ever wanna go to Bella Luna because they have crap services.

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