Showing you the Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery of Seoul no Tourists get to See in July

How can we call ourselves Aesthetics Hub if we have not been to the aesthetics and plastic surgery haven of Asia? So last fortnight, we packed our curious minds, video and photo equipments, excited souls, ravenous appetites and brave hearts to Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.

7 days, 6 nights and a mind-blowing experience.

Chanel Choo, resident host & model, and Keith from

“Mission Successful” as what Hermann, our videographer, said about our Korea trip.

We collaborated with a celebrity blogger based in Seoul, Keith from, to bring us to the hottest places of plastic surgery in Apgujeong as well as to the fish market for live octopus for dinner at Noryangjin. Not forgetting the places where we got to witness first hand on how Koreans take the business of beauty products seriously – in Myeongdong, Hongdae and Garosugil.

In the entire month of July, we bring you Korea – from our eyes, perspective and personal experience – just for you. Interesting beauty products, the street of plastic surgery, perspective of aesthetics industry around the world from a key opinion leader, the university that trains plastic surgeons in the making, live video documentary of a minimally invasive procedure not available in Singapore called Innofill, those fashion streets full of best dressed…

This is the aethetics and plastic surgery of Seoul no tourists get to see.

It Takes Makeup To Look Natural

Calvin Klein once said “The best is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural.”
While Bobbi Brown was quoted “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup-
but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

So yes, beauty is not just all about makeup but being comfortable in your own skin sans all makeup can also be beautiful. Feeling beautiful and comfortable with yourself translate to self-confidence too.

Unlike some beauty enthusiasts that have complicated and long steps for their beauty regimes. I’m pretty much the opposite and is more inclined to a fuss free regime. Blame it on my laziness so I usually abide to the 3 step regime.

1) Cleanse, 2) Tone & 3) Moisturize

But to be honest, sometimes mine gets downsized into a 2 step regime – Cleanse & Moisturize. I have combination skin type, normal on most areas (sometimes it gets dry, it depends on the weather) and oily on the T-zone area.

I admit that I need makeup to feel good about myself. However, if I had crystal clear skin that was flawless, I would love to be able to go out without having to put on any makeup. How to achieve looking good with makeup is aesthetics and skincare, you can find out more on beauty news and tips at My Fat Pocket and Aesthetic Hub.

Articles On Beauty You Should Check Out

Women seeking ways to further beautify themselves are able to access these information readily online. With the help of science and medical knowledge, no perception of beauty is too far-fetched. You wanna look like a Korean superstar? Check out the must-have features which are popular now. Want to wear Louboutins without pain? Well, we have a solution for you.

Just simply check out these articles …

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Pretty Woman

In the past, undergoing the knife to look better was something kept under wraps and not to be talked about. However, as aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery became as common as taking a stroll in the park. People have started to be more open about having undergone such works. Some even taking it to the extends of sharing it online via social media websites.

And with the latest K-wave that swept Asia, beauty has once again been redefined. Everyone is dying to look, appear or even pass off as a Korean. All thanks to K-pop singers and groups such as Girls Generations and Missy A sporting fresh-faced, wide-eyed ladies with almost perfect-looking features.

Honestly, I don’t believe that their good looks can be attributed to just purely makeup. So there are rumors about plastic surgery. Well, with Korea being one of the top countries to go to for plastic surgery. Surely that is no big secret, right?

I mean, if you werent naturally blessed with good looks. Then there’s no harm forking out some money and having that fixed. Who won’t want to look like Kim Ah-Jung?

How bout Angelababy?

Or Nickhun for the guys?

So if you hate your droopy eyes or flat nose THAT much, then why not do something about? If you think that it would increase your self esteem and confidence, then why not? While I am probably gonna stick to just maybe minor, non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as botox and fillers, should I ever require them. I do not see anything wrong with undergoing plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures.

Personally, I think that life is too short, so just go ahead and do whatever that makes you happy. If I had the courage and money, I would love to pop by any famous surgeon’s clinic and get my face sharpened. I’m not sure how they are going to do it. Lengthen my face shape by adding chin fillers? Or inject botox into my square jaws. Perhaps, my face is too fat, I’ll probably need both procedures? Heh…

Speaking of which, I’ve tried jaw reduction with botox before. You can read all about my experience here. It was quick and relatively painless, my only grouse is the hefty price tag.

Also, aesthetic procedures are not just limited to botox and fillers. There’s a range of other treatments which are said to promote youthful looking skin through the use of lasers and other technology. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, if you are curious and itching to find out more. Then you should really head down over to , specially brought to you by MyFatPocket, is a new portal where consumers can gain knowledge and be empowered to make informed decisions about how to look and feel better.

It’s the first and only dedicated site in Singapore where aesthetic doctors, clinics and consumers can come together to foster a well-informed community on all aspects of aesthetics.

Staying Slim & Sexy with BottomSlim

I’m not sure about you but I’m feeling guilty from all the chinese new year feasting. And I’ll let you in on a secret, I still have 3 bottles of pineapple tarts just waiting to be devoured. So it isn’t a surprise that I’m developing a flabbier tummy. I would joke with the hubby that I have a “beer belly” now. It’s an inside joke 😉

If you notice your love handles getting more obvious or you are growing ones when you never had this issue before all thanks to the Chinese New Year feasting. Perhaps, you just feel unattractive and depressed whenever you catch sight of your reflection in the mirror. Maybe you sit too much in the office and notice that your waist, butt and thighs are getting chunky. Well, fret not! I am excited to share with you about BottomSlim; the pioneer in lower body slimming.

This is especially so for those of you who totally dread working out (like me) or just don’t have the time to do anything about your figure. As we all know, even with exercise, some areas are just too difficult to reduce. You have to be really committed and how many of us just simply give up along the way. So why not just relax at BottomSlim and let the treatments do their wonders.

Located conveniently in the heart of Orchard road at Ngee Ann City, that’s where you can find BottomSlim’s flagship branch at level 5. It boosts a relaxing ambience with it’s minimalism decor and cosy seating area.

There’s even a kids play area where your children can hang out with Daddy while you are having your treatments done. Really thoughtful of them.

I had a consultation done prior to the treatment. This is to determine the areas of concern I had and which treatments would be suitable to tackle these issues. My consultant was friendly and pleasant, explaining everything in detail to me as well as answering all of the queries I had.

As I had just given birth recently last Oct, my main concerns would be my tummy. Because of the pregnancy, my tummy has lost most of its firmness. My hips had also widened and my shorts were getting tighter. Not to mention with all the eating binge due to the festive season, I was starting to worry about not being able to fit my pre-pregnancy bottoms.

My treatments were divided into 3 different ones. The first was for breaking down the fats, a signature treatment – The Tummy, Hips & Thighs Trimmer that is highly popular with all of their customers. Before we begin, my therapist snapped a BEFORE photo. And once the treatment was done, she took another one for comparison. Immediate results could be seen, I noticed my tummy looking slimmer and it felt firmer. Sorry no photos cause I’m still very shy and conscious of my tummy (linea nigra and all). But you can check out below…

That’s an image of one of their clients who managed to achieve a slimmer waistline through their treatments. Amazing, right? Of course, to achieve such desirable results, more than one treatment would be required.

The next treatment I received was a detox session and this was followed by a mask with infra-ray to enable the nutrients of this mask to penetrate in deeper. The mask had a cool, minty sensation which I like.

All the treatments at BottomSlim aim to give you a slimmer and slender lower body through the breaking down of fats, detox, reducing cellulite, re-sculpting and firming. Don’t we all wish we had a figure like their spokesperson, Faraliza who was Miss Singapore 2008? She is one of their customers too and she lost 20kg in mere 4 months.

Having a slim figure like her would give one confidence, the ability to fit all types of clothing especially those tagged free size and at the same time look good in shorts, mini skirts and most importantly the sexy bikini!

Did I also mention that BottomSlim won the Cozycot award for best post-natal slimming? So mummies, you know where to go to now.

All in all, I enjoyed my session at BottomSlim. Their consultants are friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy at all. After going through pages of Before & After images of their customers, I’m very tempted to go for further treatments to regain my pre-pregnancy figure.

Keen in trying out their lower body slimming treatments? You are in luck because there is a  BottomSlim Special just for my dear readers, simply answer the below question and get complimentary treatments!

Q: BottomSlim is the Pioneer in Lower Body Slimming?


Just answer the above correctly to redeem 3 complimentary slimming treatments for tummy, thighs and calves worth S$888!

There’s also an instant lucky dip where you stand a chance to win up to $500 Takashimaya vouchers!!

To participate, you may SMS, call or leave your details HERE

Please SMS BA_BSNY_FullName_NRIC_Answer (True or False) to 9097 2682 to enjoy A BEAUTY AFFAIR WITH BOTTOMSLIM SPECIAL!

Example: BA_BSNY_JaneTan_S1234567A_True

Leave details over here: PLS CLICK HERE or call 6363 2525

Terms & Conditions Apply :

  • Only for females 18 years and above
  • Lucky Dip redeemable upon treatments
  • Strictly by appointment only
  • Promotion valid for 2 months

BottomSlim outlets can be found at Ngee Ann City, Novena Square 2, City Square Mall, Jurong East, Nex Mall and Parkway Parade. Please head to their website here for more information on the locations.

BottomSlim is also the proud sponsor of Star Awards 2013 and there’s an award presented by them! The voting for Sexiest Legs Actress can done HERE.

Aesthetics… Would you change the way you look?

Anyone recalls the movie ‘200 pound beauty’ where this overweight girl went through a major plastic surgery operation to emerge as a beautiful, hot lady? The lead is played by Korea actress Kim Ah-jung who is super pretty and even though she has undergone the knife to enhance her looks, it still appears so natural! Thumbs up for her surgeon.

So now it’s the golden question, what would you change about yourself physically if you could?

In the past, I was crazy over Ayumi Hamasaki and would die for her eyes but after seeing a certain famous blogger D*wn Y*ng’s blotched job where you can see the reds of the fleshy part inside her eyes…. Eeeew. No way!

I think I would love to slim down my jaw line as it’s very defined and square. I have tried botox which was sponsored by Neuglow. You can read about it HERE. Unfortunately, this procedure is not permanent. In fact, for a much slimmer jaw line, it’s recommended that you return every 6 months for another session. I just don’t have that kind of money… boohoo :(

The next thing I would like to try is probably to sharpen my nose. Maybe try fillers since they are non-invasive and temporary; lasting only 6-8 months. I’m still fine with my nose and find my jaw more of an issue. So this is probably a procedure I would like to try out for fun.

So how about you? Anyway, My Fat Pocket have started an Ask Doc discussion in our community. In this discussion, you can ask Dr Karen Soh (Prive clinic) about anything  related to aesthetics.

Dr Karen Soh is a friendly and nice lady whom I met recently for my Vitamin C & Glutathione Drip at Privé Clinic. You may read about my experience HERE

Desire Aesthetics @ The Central – Special Promotion

Double Chin, Meso, Vit C, IPL & Acne treatments all going at a special rate.

If you quote “beauty affair”, 
you get to enjoy additional 10% off!

Double Chin Treatment

Do you have double chin problem no matter how slim or small your face is?  With our 3G-RF double chin treatment, you can see visible results in a few sessions (results vary with individuals).

Meso Glow Facial Theraphy

This is another of our Signature Facial Theraphy that Desire @ Central is proud to brag about. It helps to simulate new skin growth, improves the skin radiance and your skin will feel supple.

This treatment starts with cleansing of the face and follow by microdermabrasion. It helps to remove black & white heads and outer layer of the skin. It helps to stimulate new skin growth and improve blood circulations.

Meso Glow Serum is then applied onto the face with the help of Meso hand piece. You will feel the warm while the Meso hand piece is moving round your face, this motion is to better penetrated deep into the skin.

Too good to stop is follow by a face maaage that let you relax with our soothing music playing in the background. We put on hydrating mask your skin further.

Desire @ Central is having a 20% off A-la-carte price in September.

Duration : 90 minutes
Cost : $200

Best for : Dull skin, Anti-aging 

Vitamin C Supreme Facial

This is our one of our Signature Facial Theraphy that Desire @ Central is proud to gossip about.   It helps to fight harmful radicals, improves the skin radiance and overall flow.

This treatment starts with cleansing of the face and follow by microdermabrasion.  It helps to remove black & white heads and outer layer of the skin.  It helps to stimulate new skin growth and improve blood circulations.

This treatment force feeds the skin with pure Vitamin C.  100% pure Vitamin C crystals are dissolved and fed into the skin via Iontopherosis (gentle vibration movement). The benefits of Vitamin C treatments on the face includes:

  • Diminishing the Effects of Photo Aging.
  • Radiant and Smoother skin.
  • Lightens Pigmentation, Acne Scars and Discolorations.
  • Deeply repairs damage from Ultra Violet rays.

Too good to stop is follow by a face massge that let you relax with our soothing music playing in the background.   We put on whitening cold mask to rehydrate and whiten your skin further.

Desire @ Central is having a 20% off A-la-carte price in September.
Duration : 90 minutes
Cost : $200 

Most Popular Treatment – IPL Hair Removal
Don’t be embarrassed of your unsightly hair and/or dark pigmentation around it.  IPL can safely remove those unwanted hairs, lighten the dark pigmentation around the areas.    Desire @ Central is having a 20% off A-la-carte price in September.
  • upper lips,
  • armpits,
  • upper arms – front or back (excl elbow)
  • lower arms – front or back (excl elbow, hands & fingers)
  • bikini lines
  • brazilian
  • upper thighs – front or back (excl knee caps)
  • lower legs – front or back (excl knee caps & toes)

How many sessions do I need?   It all depends on your hormones in your body, some can see results in 6 to 7 sessions, others may take more than 10 sessions.  

Acne Treatment Facial is now available

It is rather common that not only teenagers suffer from acne problem, many adults do.  Many adults are caught by surprise..”Hey what is wrong with me? I never have pimples or acne when young”.  Work stress, changing environment, hormones, not enough sleep, smoking are some of the conditions that can lead to acne development.

Desire @ Central is now offering Acne Treatment Facial at $120/session with our formulated acne solution.  Please quote “CENTRAL” to enjoy 30% off in the month of September PLUS a free Microdermabrasion session which cost $100/session.  What a saving !!

Firstly, we cleanse the skin toughly and understand your skin type and problem area.  The next procedure is the microdermabrasion.    Micodermabrasion is like a magic wand which help to remove black and white heads and top layer of the outer skin…giving you a instant clear and smooth, even tone, fairness result.  See it to believe it.

The next step is to apply our formulated Acne Solution and using machine that stimulating waves to help your skin to fully abosrb the solution quickly.  Your face is later calm down with cold treatment gel and is spread with our Meso Cold Handle.  We then put on the Acne cold mask and you can relax with the background music.

Duration : 90 min
Cost per session : $240 ($120 Acne treatment facial + $100 microdermabrasion)
September 1st time trial :  only $84.00 (1st time customer only)

Aesthetic treatment is also available : IPL or Chemical Peel Acne Treatment program .
Call 6225-8180 now for your consultation or enquiry.

If you quote “beauty affair”, 
you get to enjoy additional 10% off!

My 3G-RF Trial at Desire Aesthetics

pic credits to bliss

Desire Aesthetics Clinic is a premiere aesthetic boutique that offers a unique experience with the latest cosmetic treatments. They have branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia offering a comprehensive list of medical aesthetics services, focusing on age management.

I brought girlfriend, June down with me for our 3G-RF trial. I chose the Face – lifting and tightening treatment while she picked the Eye – dark circle / puffy eye bag treatment.

Located within Central Mall, it was pretty convenient for us given that if we were to take the public transport. We could just alight at Clarke Quay MRT station; which was just below the mall itself.

Just a quick run through on what June’s and my treatment is all about:

Mine – Face (lifting & tightening)

This non-invasive and painless technology delivers 3GRF energy, which warms both upper and lower layers without damaging skin. Skin will be more toned, firmer and smoother.

As our skin matures and is continuously subjected to environmental effects, its connective tissue begins to break down, causing wrinkles and other signs of ageing develop.

The 3GRF energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) where the Collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers, and at the same time increases the metabolism of the Fibroblasts thereby accelerating the production of new Collagen and Elastin fibers.

The contraction of Collagen fibers and the regeneration of the Collagen and Elastin deposits, tighten the skin layers creating smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.

June’s – Eye Eye Treatment for Dark, Under Eye Circles

3GRFs essentially provide a facelift without surgery, but such treatment is highly helpful in the reduction of dark circles under the eyes.

The skin is warmed softly with 3rd generation radio frequency waves.
This promotes collagen production, hence, strengthens the skin around the eyes and lessening dark circles under the eyes.

There is no skin incision involved. In addition, it does not burn the skin like invasive skin lasers can.

The therapists/consultants were friendly and not pushy at all. As I had eye makeup & contact lenses on, so my therapist avoided my eye area. First, a cold layer of gel was spread out evenly on my face before massaging my cheeks with the RF head.

They did one side of my face and for June’s case; one eye first so that we could see and compare the difference. Interestingly, the results were visible within the first trial. However, we were told that a continuous session of a few more times for the initial period was required for better effects. As a one time session would only go to waste since it will very quickly revert to its original state.

After seeing her dark eye rings lessen, June was really keen in signing up a package. I thought that my mini ‘facelift’ reminded me of the BOTOX® Masseter Reduction Treatment I had before.

Which kind of leaves me in a dilemma as to which method should I go for if I were to want to slim down my face…. Because the cost would work out to be the same for both.

All information provided in this entry were taken from their website HERE

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