Prive Aesthetics 360 ShapeUp Program Recap!

I used to own many tight fitting dresses before I had gotten pregnant. After delivering, I had stopped wearing most of them even though I did manage to lose most of my pregnancy weight eventually. I just felt very conscious of my tummy and would prefer to wear something that could conceal it. But not anymore…


Ever since I had undergone the Prive 360 Shape Up Program, I have managed to slim down my tummy. I am now much more confident wearing these body-hugging dresses.

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Cooking Up My First Very Healthy Dish With Celebrity Chef Willin Low’s Recipe

2nd Session With Prive Aesthetics, Check Out How Many Inches I’ve Lost!

Lost inches off my tummy!

Cooking Up My First Very Healthy Dish With Celebrity Chef Willin Low’s Recipe

As you all know I am currently undergoing the Prive Aesthetics 360 ShapeUp Programme, which is a specially tailored slimming programme that involves medically-approved machines for slimming and contouring treatments, a nutritious diet plan, all-natural health supplements and daily exercise.

And being the foodie I am, you must be wondering how am I coping with the given diet? First, let me share with you the recommended diet plan given by Prive Aesthetics.

Diet Plan (only one item is to be selected from each category.)


  • 1 boiled egg/ 1 sausage / 100g low-fat plain yogurt / 1 piece of ham
  • 200ml low-fat milk / skimmed milk/ vegetable juice / unsweetened soya bean milk
  • Tea or coffee without sugar (artificial sweetener permissible and low-fat milk)


  • 100-120g lean meat without skin (pork, beef, chicken, lamb) seafood, fish, tofu
  • Combined with vegetables (unlimited quantity)
  • Preparation required: Boiled / Grilled / Steamed / Baked


  • One serving of fruit only: 4 strawberries, rose apple, orange, 1/2 guava, 1 wedge papaya, yellow pear, kiwi, grapefruit, 1 wedge watermelon, 1/2 dragon fruit
  • Can be taken at breakfast or lunch (preferably to be taken before 6pm)


  • Vegetables only (no tofu, no meat, no fruits to be taken at all)
  • Preparation: Steamed, Boiled, Raw, Stir-fried

List of recommended vegetables: Asparagus, bean sprouts, broccoli, cabage (red or white), capsicum, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, leek, lettuce, spinach, tomato, water-cress, zucchini and green leafy vegetables such as chye-sim, kai lan, nai bai.

This is just a recommended guide, which I find at times too boring so luckily there is an alternative to that. I could simply whip up a dish based on one of the nutritionist recommended recipes by celebrity chef Willin Low. And since I am not a very good cook, I decided to try out one of the simpler dishes which is the Water-cooked Dory with Spring Onion & Ginger.

I went to the supermarket to get the ingredients which is made up of the following items: 2 pieces of dory fillets (couldn’t get dory so I bought snapper), ginger, spring onions, chilli, nai bai cabbage, rice vinegar, light soy sauce, chicken stock, salt and pepper.

To be honest, I was nervous about how the dish would turn out because it would be my first time cooking fish. Watch the video below for the whole cooking process.

And yup, surprisingly, it only took me 10 minutes to whip up this dish. It was that simple and fuss-free. I was also amazed that you did not require oil for this dish which means it very healthy. And most importantly, the fish turned out great and tasted YUMMY!  Can’t wait to try out the rest of the recipes, I’m probably going to go for the Tom Yum Seafood Soup next because I love spicy food.

For more of celebrity Chef Willin Low’s recipes, do check out Prive Aesthetic’s Website.

Would You Go For A Liposuction?

I was reading this article off My Fat Pocket’s portal about Plastic Surgery still regarded as a taboo in 2014 with it’s main topic surrounding an invasive procedure called Liposuction.

 So what is Liposuction? According to Wikipedia, ” Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty (“fat modeling”), liposculpture suction lipectomy (“suction-assisted fat removal”) or simply lipo, is a cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat from many different sites on the human body. Areas affected can range from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, to the neck, backs of the arms and elsewhere.

If the definition and above illustration isn’t enough to make you squeamish. Then this might just make you think twice about considering it. Continue reading

My First Session With Prive Aesthetics For The 360 ShapeUp Programme

Remember I mentioned that I intended to lose my excess pregnancy weight and I had made an appointment with Prive Aesthetics to find out more about their 360 ShapeUp Programme? Well, last monday was my first appointment!


I was excited and nervous at the same time but their friendly consultant, Margie made me feel just at home there. I told Margie about my pregnancy weight gain woes and my current lifestyle. I wanted to know what solutions Prive Aesthetics could offer to aid me in my quest for a slimmer body.

She shared with me about the 360 ShapeUp Programme, which is a specially tailored slimming programme that involves medically-approved machines for slimming and contouring treatments, a nutritious diet plan, all-natural health supplements and daily exercise. I was given my own journal to track my daily food intake as part of the programme.


Next, I went for a detailed body analysis before Margie could recommend treatments for me. She took down details which included my weight, height, BMI and body measurements. As I had excess weight around my tummy and thighs. She suggested that I try the Laser Lipo to tackle the stubborn fats around my tummy.

Continue reading

Help For Mummies Who Want To Get Back In Shape

Congratulations, you are now a mother to a beautiful baby. You check out your reflection in the mirror and is rudely shocked by what you see. Many women expect to magically shrink back into their pre-pregnancy size soon after delivery. Blame those celebrity new mums for strutting around in their bikini-ready bodies.

But unfortunately for most of us, things are not that simple. So now, all you see peering back at you are a bulging tummy that still looks five months pregnant. The flabby skin hanging out in areas of your body which you have never seen before. And as if to add injury to insult, cellulite marks adorn your stomach, butt and thighs. Oh the horrors!


Being able to get back in shape is what most women worry about. Even for myself, staying in shape is a tough call given that I am so busy juggling family life, work and the baby. I must admit that the last time I did any exercise was prenatal yoga (if you even consider that exercise). All of my time has been devoted to nurturing baby Asher. And I do not exactly watch what I eat, couple that with no exercise at all, it is no surprise that I have developed a small tummy. Furthermore, if you are a new mother, your doctor would warn you against subjecting your body to vigorous exercise. So this is where The Body Firm comes in to help mothers like you & me.


Continue reading

Latest Korean Beauty Aesthetic Trends?

Keep yourself abreast with these articles, especially if you are working towards looking like a Kpop star.


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The K-Pop Plastic Surgery Obsession with V-shaped Face

My Slimming 101 Experience; Say Hello Again To Flat Tummy

I used to be slim but after having baby Asher, it’s a whole different tale. Add on a hectic lifestyle that includes a full-time job, blogging, managing an online store while at the same time juggling family and a dog. It’s almost impossible to find time for myself, much less to lose weight.


So when I first learnt about Slimming 101 and their philosophy behind slimming through TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) principles incorporated with European botanicals for losing weight healthily, Delighted!  Can’t wait to try out this wholesome, natural method of losing weight as opposed to consuming pills.


Slimming 101 uses high-tech weight loss machines combined with “Qi” philosophy and meridian theory. Have a peace of mind knowing that the treatments are approved by a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner. To help you maintain and improve body condition, a slimming diet plan would be incorporated. And you do not need to worry about weight rebound. Some clients even lose up to 16cm and 1kg in one session!


Slimming 101, is located conveniently at the 4th floor of Funan IT Mall, just a stone’s throw away from Cityhall MRT. Upon reaching the centre, I was greeted by their friendly staff. My weight & body mass was taken and further analyzed by the consultant to decide what was most suitable for me.


After all these months, I was still 3 kg heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. At 55kg, I thought that losing that 5kg to reach 50kg would be ideal for me. I guess when it comes to weight, we all like to round down to the lowest number possible.

2013-08-27 08.53.15_resized

However, according to the body mass analyzer, my ideal fat mass was 11kg while my current fat mass is 14kg. Therefore, the ideal and most healthy weight for me was to lose just 3kg. Anything more than that was deemed unhealthy.


I also learnt from my friendly consultant that Slimming 101’s treatments aids in breaking down visceral fats.

What fat I hear you say? Isn’t all kind of fats the same? I learnt that there are 2 kinds of fats stored in our bodies; visceral fats and subcutaneous fats. If you work out frequently, the fats which you lose are the subcutaneous fats. However, it is very difficult to visceral fats through regular exercise. But fret not as Slimming 101’s treatments are meant to help you lose all the unwanted visceral fats

What exactly are visceral fats? Visceral fat, also known as organ fat packed in between internal organs and torso.


From my research online I found out that it is almost impossible to lose your Visceral Fat!! Even if you starve yourself or by exercising. This machine can target visceral fat =DD

I was recommended 3 different types of treatment to aid me in my quest for my idea weight. The sauna followed by their signature Meridian Marine Therapy after which, I would have the Bio Lipolysis.

Meridian Marine Therapy includes body scrub and acupressure massage.

The primary function of body scrub is to remove dead skin cells to refresh and even out skin tone for smooth and radiant skin. At Slimming 101, maximum result is delivered with the use of natural ingredient, such as Marine Sea Salt.

The sauna helps to improve blood circulation, flushes out toxins and also help burn calories through sweating.


After my sweat-out in the sauna, I was ushered into a therapy room to have the Meridian Marine Therapy done. It consisted of a sea salt scrub followed by a wrap. Time to sweat it all out again.

The sea salt scrub 1. Will remove dead skin cells 2. Aids in bringing out the excess water retention under your skin by sweating. With less unwanted water in your body ( not your body fluid ) naturally you will be less swollen and lighter in weight.

On top of that to make sure that every customer is well taken care of , each treatment room had a TV on so I was kept preoccupied with the Korean F4 drama that was being aired and forgotten about the sweating part.


Once I was done with the wrap, I was given a fresh set of robes and towels to change into after my shower. Looks like the sea salt scrub was not only good for aiding weight loss but it also left my skin feeling silky smooth! After washing up, I had my body measurements taken before I started the Bio Lipolysis treatment.

All I had to do was to lie on a bed and relax while the therapist placed small wire-connected pads around my tummy, thighs and arms. Once the machine was switched on, I could feel a gentle pulsation coming through the pads. This treatment helps you to break down fats without you having to sweat it out in a gym. You can expect enhanced skin tissue elasticity, better blood circulation and strengthened immune system. The Bio-Lipolysis treatment is just like having a Chinese Acupuncture session but without the awful needles or any pain. It’s a non-invasive treatment that is suitable for everyone.

After the treatment session, I had my measurements and weight taken again. The inches loss through this treatment are real and not due to loss of water weight. I lost 300g during the session and was told that it may not be significant but that was because from the start I didn’t have much weight to lose. I think this is a great start for me and I look forward to my 2nd session with Slimming 101. Bye bye flabby tummy & hello washboard flatness!

For now you can get 6 session of meridian therapies for only$28 !! Hurry call and book your appointment now.


For more information on Slimming 101, please visit their website. They are located at Funan DigitaLife Mall, #04-07. If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact them at 67373 101 or email them at

The Lowdown On The Latest Aesthetics Treatments & Procedures

With the advancement of science and technology, we are bombarded with an influx of aesthetic treatments. So which are the latest ones? What are the pros and cons of the treatments? You go on the internet, but it’s overwhelmed with so much information that it can be rather confusing. For a newbie to the aesthetic world, this can be scary but you are not alone…

To save us the trouble, Aesthetics Hub brings us on a Tour to be Up, Close & Personal with Aesthetics Doctors in Singapore.

This clinics tour took place on the 27th July and 3rd August. Accompanying them were 20 other lucky participants who joined in the tour to Singapore’s top aesthetic clinics to learn more about the latest treatment and technique offerings. They were treated to exclusive behind the scenes experience and went home with a generous goodie bag too.

They visited Astique. The Aesthetic Clinic., Cutis Medical Laser Clinics and Privé Clinic, just to name a few. If you are keen to participate in such a tour, do sign up now to register your interest. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity offered by Aesthetics Hub!

Life As A Working Mom


As a working mom of an active 10 month old, I don’t reallyhave much time to myself. In the day, I’m busy at my full time job. And once I am off work, I try to spend as much time as I can with my little one before he goes to bed. Being a boy, he can be quite a handful. We play together after my dinner and sometimes, if he is in the mood for some reading. We would cuddle together in his play yard and read his favourite board books. Then before you know it, it’s almost close to midnight. I usually just have enough time to shower and pack some orders for my online shop before hitting the sack. What a day, right?

minionsgymSo it’s really no surprise that I don’t have the time or energy to head down to the gym for a workout. And I’m too easily tempted by good food to even start dieting. This isn’t going too well for me since I have put on additional weight during pregnancy and it stayed with me even after I had given birth. At this rate, I’ll probably end up looking like….


Gloria the Hippo from the movie Madagascar, especially now with my wider hips and thighs. I don’t think I can even wear jeans with confidence like before. And yet, I stay clear off slimming pills because I don’t really think this is a safe method to lose weight.

I am looking for alternative slimming methods which are more natural and healthy. That’s when I stumbled upon an article on Traditional Chinese Medicine and slimming. And no, I’m not referring to slimming through acupuncture because I don’t really fancy having needles all over me in the name of beauty.


But I won’t mind trying out some other TCM methods which do not require needles or the need to diet. Who would have thought, right? TCM does not just cure ailments but to also lose weight.

According to this Yahoo article, TCM is all about the Qi.

In the view of TCM, weight regulation is not primarily about calorie intake and expenditure. It’s about fortifying, channeling, and sustaining qi. Fortifying qi raises your metabolism, and provides you with an invigorating feeling of well-being.

If the qi in the digestive system is strong, your body will be able to optimally transform the food you eat into energy you can use. Two of the factors that weaken qi are excessive stress and inadequate sleep. Prolonged stress and sleep deprivation raise levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes the body to store, rather than burn, fat. “

Yes, stress and sleep deprivation sounds like me! I would love to try some TCM to fortify my Qi and gain my previous body shape.

Viewers Discretion Advised! Procedure Live Demo from Seoul!

A virgin for minimal-invasive procedure called Innofill procedure, Bianca Zen, Editor of MyfatPocket and Aesthetics Hub was documented as she laid unconscious at the operating table at Mifamoon Dermatology Clinic in Seoul, Korea.

Complete with anaesthesia, swell and many bloody pricks of skin botox, watch the video and read the article at Aesthetics Hub here!

Not for the faint of heart! Viewers Discretion Advised!

“I felt like the character from Angry Bird. You know the pigs that you catapult the angry birds to kill? I felt like the pigs – my face was big, round, chubby and very swollen. “

From that to this, see how Bianca Zen transformed – from Seoul to Singapore.

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5. UPDATE: 1 Month Later. [Editor’s Review. Viewers Discretion Advised] Innofill Procedure Live Demo at Mifamoon Dermatology Clinic in Seoul, Korea [Video]

6. How South Koreans take their Beauty Products Seriously [Video]

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