Updates On My Korean V Lift After 2 Months


Remember the Korean V Lift I did previously at The Knightsbridge Clinic? Well, it has been 2 months and I have decided to post an update on how my face looks like now. I can definitely see the difference which is showing now.

Charlotte Ashlene A Beauty Affair

For quite sometime, I have not really been comfortable putting my hair behind my ears ever since the effects of my jaw botox has gone off. But right now, I have no issues because my face is totally Korean-certified V shape! Continue reading

Korean V Lift at The Knightsbridge Clinic


So I did something crazy! Just 10 days before my Korea trip, I decided to check if I needed my jaw botox done again because my hubby said my face was looking squarish again. I had a consultation with one of the medical directors, Dr Israr Wong. He then recommended a Korean V Lift which is thread lifting, made popular by Korean surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist, Dr Kwon Han Jin. This new technique involved the use of a larger number of smaller threads and is extremely popular among celebrities.

Knightsbridge Clinic

Read all about my recovery process and what I think of this procedure.

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Updates on my review at Nu Reflections Medical Aesthetic & Dissolving My Chin Fillers!


So a month ago, I went back to NuReflections clinic for my review with Dr Ivan Tan. It had been 6 weeks since my jaw botox and I felt that my face has become so much slimmer. But Dr Tan told me that it would go down some more. So it has been 2 months since I had the procedure done and this is how my face looks like now. I’m really happy with the results!


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Jaw Botox aka Masseter Reduction at Nu Reflections with Dr Ivan Tan

“Did you do something? Your face looks more 3D.”, asked a colleague. I was surprised that she had noticed the subtle difference. But no, I did not do anything drastic. Just a simple procedure and guess what it is?


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A Slimmer Face Is Possible…


Apart from getting my warts and moles removed at Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetic, I also had something else done to my face. Guess which procedure did I undergo just by looking at the photo below?


If you had guessed “botox” then, yes, you are correct! I had square jaw reduction with botox done around 1.5 months ago. It is evident from the photo that I have a squarish, masculine jaw which is unappealing for a female. And because of that, I am always hiding behind my hair and shunning the camera since my face tends to look huge in photos! Continue reading

The Lowdown On The Latest Aesthetics Treatments & Procedures

With the advancement of science and technology, we are bombarded with an influx of aesthetic treatments. So which are the latest ones? What are the pros and cons of the treatments? You go on the internet, but it’s overwhelmed with so much information that it can be rather confusing. For a newbie to the aesthetic world, this can be scary but you are not alone…

To save us the trouble, Aesthetics Hub brings us on a Tour to be Up, Close & Personal with Aesthetics Doctors in Singapore.

This clinics tour took place on the 27th July and 3rd August. Accompanying them were 20 other lucky participants who joined in the tour to Singapore’s top aesthetic clinics to learn more about the latest treatment and technique offerings. They were treated to exclusive behind the scenes experience and went home with a generous goodie bag too.

They visited Astique. The Aesthetic Clinic., Cutis Medical Laser Clinics and Privé Clinic, just to name a few. If you are keen to participate in such a tour, do sign up now to register your interest. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity offered by Aesthetics Hub!

Showing you the Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery of Seoul no Tourists get to See in July

How can we call ourselves Aesthetics Hub if we have not been to the aesthetics and plastic surgery haven of Asia? So last fortnight, we packed our curious minds, video and photo equipments, excited souls, ravenous appetites and brave hearts to Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.

7 days, 6 nights and a mind-blowing experience.

Chanel Choo, resident host & model, and Keith from Seoulistic.com

“Mission Successful” as what Hermann, our videographer, said about our Korea trip.

We collaborated with a celebrity blogger based in Seoul, Keith from Seoulistic.com, to bring us to the hottest places of plastic surgery in Apgujeong as well as to the fish market for live octopus for dinner at Noryangjin. Not forgetting the places where we got to witness first hand on how Koreans take the business of beauty products seriously – in Myeongdong, Hongdae and Garosugil.

In the entire month of July, we bring you Korea – from our eyes, perspective and personal experience – just for you. Interesting beauty products, the street of plastic surgery, perspective of aesthetics industry around the world from a key opinion leader, the university that trains plastic surgeons in the making, live video documentary of a minimally invasive procedure not available in Singapore called Innofill, those fashion streets full of best dressed…

This is the aethetics and plastic surgery of Seoul no tourists get to see.

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