Midweek Shopping! (Dos & Don’ts Of Shopping On 淘宝 )


I’ve been spending so much time both window-shopping and doing actual shopping on Taobao.com that I’ve decided to dedicate a blog entry for it. And no, I am not sponsored by Taobao to do this but it’s just my way of sharing the bargains I’ve come across.


First and foremost, if you have not registered on Taobao yet or have no idea what to do. Please refer to their online guide, I’ve managed to start this crazy shopping madness all thanks to this guide. And if someone as clueless as me can understand this, then it should be pretty straightforward for everyone else.

In August, I’d finally joined the dark side and signed up for an account which resulted in 3 shipments that month alone. This september, I’d toned down reluctantly mainly due to a lack of funds (no thanks to credit card bills racked up in August by shopping on taobao) and only managed 2 shipments. The stuff which I usually buy are for my son. For my first shipment, I bought gifts for everyone; my husband, my mom and my sis, it was like as though I was on holiday in China. Lol!

My buys usually comprises of books, educational toys, bags, clothes, shoes and random cutesy stuff. I’ll be sharing some of the Dos and Don’ts of shopping on taobao.com Continue reading

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