Mocha’s Loot From


March is the time when we replenish Mocha’s kibbles, to cut cost we would usually go for the biggest bag of kibbles and have the store separately pack them into vacuum-sealed smaller bags. So this time, we ordered our stuff from Kohepets and if you would like to view the unboxing video, please check it out below.

Kohepets is one of the top leading online pet stores in Singapore and they carry a wide range of products for dogs, cats and other small pets. I did a quick check with a few other online pet stores which I have shopped at before and found their pricing to be pretty competitive too. Continue reading

Mocha Goes To The Spa


One of the things which I regret the most was having Mocha shaved down.


Because on his second or third shave, his fur decided to stop growing for almost a year.  The vet said it might be genetic and it might never grow back at all. It was only until recently did we start seeing patches of fur growing back. And that was after Mocha’s 1st grooming session with Seven Paws in which he enjoyed a scrub and mud bath. Who would have known that even dogs get pampered like that? Continue reading

What I’ve Been Up To… Bunny, Cooking, No Not The Bunny.

It is the beginning of the new year and no, I am not busy crossing out new year resolutions off my non-existent list. In fact, I was supposed to go on a diet but let’s just say that things did not work out the way I had intended. As some of you know, I had fostered a bunny but changed my mind eventually.


I’m giving myself a 2 months trial period to see if I can care for it. Since I don’t have any experiences with rabbits and I’m not sure if I can commit to it fully. I already have a dog, 4 fishes and a toddler. And most importantly, I do not have a stable income so I do not wish to shortchange the bunny either because rabbits have a pretty long life, they can live up to 10 years or more.

Continue reading

My Other Baby, Mocha


Before Asher came along, we had Mocha. Our dear Mocha is a Pomeranian but he has super long legs which make me wonder if he is some kinda mixed breed. I often joke about how he is a Pom-Fox mix because of how he closely resembles a fox and is just as crafty as one.


Mocha showing off his sexy long limbs Continue reading

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