Intimate Care Made Easy with Avalon


Having urinary tract infection is no joke, there are times when the pain can be so excoriating that you hardly have the strength to stand or walk. And yet, though this topic is not often openly talked about, it is much more common than we think it is. After a brief discussion with a couple of friends and colleagues, I found out that most of them have at least encountered UTI at some point of their lives. And once you have had UTI, the probability of it recurring is unfortunately much higher.


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[Review] Cho Renew – Time For A Gut Cleanse!


If you have been feeling sluggish in the morning and stayed lethargic the whole day, found yourself falling sick more often, noticed a change in the way your breath smells and is spotting dull complexion, then it might mean that it is time for a gut cleanse! Imbalanced gut health can affect not only your intestines but also your overall health and mood.

This is when Cho Renew comes to the rescue!



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5 Secret Items To Bring On Your Next Romantic Getaway


I have heard horror stories about how sex life after kids is almost non-existent especially when you have more than one. And if you are getting your sexy fix weekly, then you are considered one of the lucky ones because there are some couples who seem to manage by with monthly sex or even quarterly sex. While I understand that some couples are both fine with having lesser sex, it can be frustrating if there is a mismatch in libido.

Well, things do not have to be this way, as I believe that sex is a healthy and natural part of marriage. Sex isn’t just about getting physical but it is also about being intimate and connecting with your spouse.


Besides rushing through five minutes quickies while the children are watching their favourite cartoon on TV, why not make an effort to rekindle that romance by planning a trip sans the kids. Even just a simple staycation would be a good break from the children.
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iHerb 5% Promo Code




Special announcement! iHerb is having a special promotion now!
Instantly save 5% off your next iHerb order, whether or not you have purchased from iHerb before by using this link.

iHerb Order

You will get 5% off and I will get 5% too! So it is a win-win situation for us both :)



Unif Vegetable & Fruit Juices For A Balanced Meal

We often hear about the benefits of consuming vegetables and fruits and how they are essential in completing your daily diet. But if you are like me, then you probably are not much of a fan of greens. However, I do love fruits though I am often too lazy to add them into my daily meals. So there have been days where I have skipped adding the necessary greens and fruits into my meals, which is not exactly a healthy option but due to inconvenience, this was the only option. That was until I found Unif in the supermarkets, now I no longer need to worry much about not consuming sufficient greens and fruits for my meals. This is because Unif 100% juice is made from a combination of vegetables and fruits.

collage-2016-12-20-21_34_35There for 4 variations of the Unif vegetable and fruit juices currently available and they are the:

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Make Smarter and Healthier Choices with the New Crunch App!


Calories in, calories out. Counting calories helps us achieve our weight goals, regardless of whether you want to lose or gain weight, or maybe even to maintain your current weight. Since beauty starts from within, it is important for us to keep track of what we eat and make an extra effort to workout to achieve those #bodygoals!

However, it can be difficult to keep track of what we eat throughout the day, and let alone count all those calories that we consume and burnt.

So how about a weight management app that can check on our calorie intake? What’s more, it can also satisfy our foodfie needs, and allows us to share our OOTD of our latest sports gear?

What is Crunch?
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Mosquito Repellents Review

With Zika numbers still on the rise and new cases of which none are from existing clusters, it sure pays to be prepared. This is especially so if you have young kids to protect or in my case, when my workplace is pretty near to the largest cluster, I have decided to take precaution as well. So I have gotten these three different mosquito repellents from NTUC Fairprice to try out.


From left to right, there is the OFF! Lotion, OFF! Liquid and Tiger Balm’s Mosquito Repellent Spray.

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[Review] Philips Mite Cleaner FC6232/02


So the kiddo has allergy rhinitis, which apparently is rather common in Singapore, affecting up to 50 per cent of children aged 4 to 17 years. And the most common trigger for allergic rhinitis is exposure to house dust mites, followed by cigarette smoke. There are a couple of ways to get rid of house dust mites. You could call in the professionals for cleaning or buy a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for mattress cleaning.

It was saturday night when I decided to get a dust mite cleaner and I wanted to get one to start cleaning by sunday. So my first stop was Qoo10, I remember seeing a number of models selling online but after some thoughts, I decided to get it from a store because I could not wait for delivery.


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When The Boy Falls Sick…


All it takes is just one sick child to throw a wench into your plans. I didn’t intend to take leave today but I had to because the boy fell sick again. He has been having the dreaded flu and cough on and off. And after trying western medicine for the longest time, we decided to switch to TCM aka Traditional Chinese Medicine.


So he was getting better till things took a turn for the worst and here I am, back at the TCM doctors again. Just mere 3 days after our last visit for treatment. But the thing with cough is that it is such a common occurrence especially with little children. The same goes for adults, on the public transport, you can hear and see people coughing away. Even in my office, there are a few who are also afflicted with the dreaded cough. So one of the ways to deal with this is not to make it such a big deal, face it, kids fall sick all the time. Continue reading

I No Longer Fall Sick Easily After Taking This Health Supplement


I have long heard of the health benefits of propolis but have been too lazy to take them regularly. It wasn’t till May this year did I chance upon the propolis supplement on iHerb and decided to give it a try. Propolis in Singapore, just like most other items, are pretty expensive. So given this very affordable pricing on iHerb, I was really skeptical of its benefits.


Let’s talk about Propolis first. So you may be wondering, what is Bee Propolis? It a sealant made by bees to fill up open spaces in the hive, otherwise also known as “bee glue”. It is made of resinous substance which the bees gather from the leaf buds of trees and vegetables.

Bee propolis has been used in traditional medicine for thousand of years and is known of its numerous health benefits. But in this blog entry, I will share just a few reasons on why I am taking this supplement. Continue reading

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