Intimate Care Made Easy with Avalon


Having urinary tract infection is no joke, there are times when the pain can be so excoriating that you hardly have the strength to stand or walk. And yet, though this topic is not often openly talked about, it is much more common than we think it is. After a brief discussion with a couple of friends and colleagues, I found out that most of them have at least encountered UTI at some point of their lives. And once you have had UTI, the probability of it recurring is unfortunately much higher.


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5 Secret Items To Bring On Your Next Romantic Getaway


I have heard horror stories about how sex life after kids is almost non-existent especially when you have more than one. And if you are getting your sexy fix weekly, then you are considered one of the lucky ones because there are some couples who seem to manage by with monthly sex or even quarterly sex. While I understand that some couples are both fine with having lesser sex, it can be frustrating if there is a mismatch in libido.

Well, things do not have to be this way, as I believe that sex is a healthy and natural part of marriage. Sex isn’t just about getting physical but it is also about being intimate and connecting with your spouse.


Besides rushing through five minutes quickies while the children are watching their favourite cartoon on TV, why not make an effort to rekindle that romance by planning a trip sans the kids. Even just a simple staycation would be a good break from the children.
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Supermarket Hauls From Batam


So I went on a short 2 days 1 night getaway to Batam last week. When I plan a trip down there, I would just do the usuals which included eating at A&Ws and getting a massage. If you ask me about the shopping, I would tell you that there is nothing much to get over there. The more popular mall which is at Nagoya Hill is full of stores selling counterfeit products. Then my girlfriend told me to check out the supermarkets instead. And I could not believe myself, as a self-proclaimed bargain hunter who sweeps shelves in supermarkets in Johor Bahru, how could I totally not think of this!?


Unfortunately due to bad planning, we reached Batam in time for our massage and after that it was a race against time to grab dinner and do a little shopping. I had only managed to hit the supermarket the next day before leaving for Singapore. Guess what were my hauls?

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[Review] Why Use A Menstrual Cup – Pros & Cons

I still remember the first time I wore a tampon and ever since then, there was no turning back. Sanitary pads have always been more of a hindrance during the most dreaded period of the month. You could not wear a thong with a sanitary pad and hence, you would need to pick clothes that won’t give you a VPL (Visible Panty Line). Similar to the tampon, the menstrual cup gives you a carefree feeling. You do not even feel it at all when inserted correctly.

Unlike the tampon or sanitary pad, the menstrual cup works by collecting the menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. Menstrual cups have fewer health risks as compared to tampons and are also more environmentally-friendly, especially if you opt for the reusable ones.


This is one of the menstrual cups I’ve tried recently. It kind of looks like an oversized condom and you might be overwhelmed by the size. But no worries, just like the tampon, you won’t feel a thing once it is inserted correctly. Continue reading

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