Copper for October

Anyong-haseyo 안녕하세요! Went down back to my trusty Apgujeong hair salon for a colour change since the roots were showing. My senior K stylist, Sean Kim, recommended copper and I decided to go ahead with it.

IMG_4462He also tonged my hair to create these Korean curls which he unfortunately did not know what they call it in English and I have no idea how to type out what they call it in Korean lol so let’s just stick to Korean perm or Korean curls.


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LUSH opens new store at Vivocity


LUSH fans rejoice because there’s a new outlet at Vivocity B1-04. Other than their usual array of natural, handmade and organic products, be sure to check out their brand new fragrances. We are really excited because Singapore is the first in Asia to launch the gorilla perfumes.


After trying out every single fragrance, I eventually decided on Amelie Mae & Sun. Amelie Mae has a saccharine sweet fruity and candy-like scent while Sun is refreshing with hints of a citrus note.

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Been quite busy with personal projects of late so I have not been really blogging. And I really need to get back on track with that job hunting, I can feel myself sinking into my comfort zone. I need to get creative, go out and do my thing or simply do something besides shopping :X

So let’s just do a quick summary on what I have been up to. First of, I had Brazilian Gold Keratin treatment done. I had a trim but this hairstylist noob ruined my hair, she practically thinned my hair by 50%, leaving it with too many layers and super frizzy. So I had to tame it but I could not see myself splurging $300 on a hair treatment. Which is why a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and that was to head down to Fave (old Groupon) to grab a coupon for Keratin treatment. My girlfriend actually shared this with me and I decided to give it a try. I know there are a couple of Keratin treatments on Fave, the one which I had selected was Luxe X M at Katong 112.


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Travel-friendly Solid Products From LUSH SG


Packing your toiletries for a holiday is no longer an issue with the solid products you can get from Lush. Ever heard of solid mouthwash, toothpaste or even a shampoo bar? Well, these are real products which you can find inside a Lush store.


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New Hair New Look

I think it is funny how November is like a month full of Korean related stuff. First, I did a Korean V Lift face thread lifting at The Knightsbridge Clinic in Singapore before my trip to Seoul. And then when I returned, I decided to get my hair done and the only hair salon in J8 happened to be Apujeong Hair Salon, which is a Korean hair salon.


So I decided to chop off my bleached ends which was almost 4 inches long. :( Now I would have to wait and wait again for my hair to grow long again. I don’t think I would be bleaching my hair again anytime soon. I am grateful for being to experiment with crazy colours for the past 2 years.

And it looks like I am sticking back to darker hair colour as it seems to compliment me better. Overall, I am pretty pleased with my new hair. The total damage was $246. $38 for cut by senior hair stylist and $208 for the IONA hair colour.


Halloween & Christmas Picks From Lush Sg


Lush is everyone’s favourite handmade cosmetic stores and I was really psyched to be one of the first to check out the latest festive launch which featured both the Halloween and Christmas collection.

Lush Singapore

My favourite section has got to be the bath bombs area. This Christmasarus Rex is just one of the many fun festive bath bombs available for sale. I found this new range of bath bombs to be more visually captivating the moment they touch the water.

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Supermarket Hauls From Batam


So I went on a short 2 days 1 night getaway to Batam last week. When I plan a trip down there, I would just do the usuals which included eating at A&Ws and getting a massage. If you ask me about the shopping, I would tell you that there is nothing much to get over there. The more popular mall which is at Nagoya Hill is full of stores selling counterfeit products. Then my girlfriend told me to check out the supermarkets instead. And I could not believe myself, as a self-proclaimed bargain hunter who sweeps shelves in supermarkets in Johor Bahru, how could I totally not think of this!?


Unfortunately due to bad planning, we reached Batam in time for our massage and after that it was a race against time to grab dinner and do a little shopping. I had only managed to hit the supermarket the next day before leaving for Singapore. Guess what were my hauls?

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[Review] Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Hair Care range

The last time I tried the Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco, I was so amazed by the results that it also appeared on my blogpost on my must purchase list of beauty products. So as a fan of Marc Anthony hair care products, I was delighted to try out their latest range which had coconut oil and shea butter to treat dry, brittle and damaged hair.


If dry hair is bothering you then look no further, because this range that boosts of coconut oil and shea butter; a heavenly combination full of natural moisturising qualities, is sure to keep your hair looking all healthy, silky smooth and shiny.


Coconut oil infuses deep moisture to keep hair supple, it helps to prevent breakage and splitting while also encouraging growth. While shea butter protects the hair from damaging elements and they even had it infused with biotin to pamper your scalp and locks with all that wholesome Vitamin B goodness! Continue reading

Treatment N Trim @ Headlines Hair Dressing


Ashamed to admit that I have been neglecting my hair of late and couldn’t wait to head down to Headlines Hair Dressing to shower it with some pampering. And since my blue and yellow streaks have faded back into a lovely shade of grayish blonde which I’m totally digging, I decided not to dye it. Besides, I felt that my hair needed a break from all the dyeing and bleaching.

So I had the Scena 4 Step Hair Treatment done, this is usually recommended for dry and damaged hair. I also finally gotten a much needed trim as my hair ends were starting split. Never underestimate the difference a hair cut can make! Nic not only trimmed the ends but also thinned it. I could literally feel a weight off my shoulders and head, I have not gotten a hair cut for such a long time that my hair had grown so thick and heavy.


Check out my soft and smooth locks after the treatment and trim. My bleached ends actually look healthy and manageable. If you have dry and damaged ends like me and your frizzy ends are bothering you, do check out this Mucota Scena 4 Step Treatment at Headlines Hair Dressing! :)

As I’m writing this blog entry, I’d just realized that I have been with Headlines Hair Dressing for the past 1 year. Oh boy, how time flies! Looking back, it was an enjoyable experience collaborating with the good folks over there. Nic has been great in offering creative ideas when it comes to color styles and dye jobs. You know you can count on him for something totally unique which suits your look and personality. My stylist is Nicolas. Look for him and quote my name “CHARLOTTE” to get up to 15% discount. For more information, please visit their website and follow their Facebook Page for the latest updates and promotions. Headlines Hair Dressing is located conveniently at China Square Central, #01-15.
You can call 6221 6866 to make an appointment.

Here’s a recap of the past hair colors I had done with Nic.  You can read more about my Headlines Hair Dressing experience in these entries.

Collage 2016-05-04 22_28_52

Meanwhile, email me at if you are keen in collaborating or becoming my hair sponsor! :)


[Review] bSoul Bath Set, Natural Hair & Bath Products From Italy



Due to time constraints and a hectic schedule, there are occasions where I take showers with my little one.  We used to have our separate bath sets because I was afraid that mine would be too harsh for his delicate skin. But now, we can share our shower gel and shampoo! Made in Tuscany, Italy, bSoul bath products are completely free from oil derivatives, silicones and plastics, making them suitable for children and even babies. Unlike other brands, I don’t have to worry about cancer-causing agents or parabens in my bath products. So we have been the products from around 3 weeks and I am going to share what we like about them!

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