[Review] The Benefits Of Bust & Womb Care Massage At Chrysalis Spa


I am no stranger to massages but getting a Bust Lymphatic Drainage & Tummy Anti-Wind Relief Therapy (Womb Care) massage was a first for me. I arrived at the Chrysalis Spa at Ang Mo Kio Hub level 3, one of the 5 outlets which they have islandwide. And I was warmly greeted by the spa manager who served me some red dates tea promptly after I settled down. I had initially thought of getting a full body massage but decided on the Bust Lymphatic Drainage & Tummy Anti-Wind Relief Therapy (Womb Care) massage eventually because I had not tried anything like this before and I was looking forward to see what benefits I could reap from it.


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Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Slimface Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Nestled in a bustling city area, is a cosy spa place that offers cutting-edge technology fused with high quality skincare along with skillfully trained therapists that give your skin and body the pampering which you truly deserve. Decked in sophisticated decor that showcase elements of the rich french culture with a modern twist, this place makes you feel like royalty. TaraBliss Spa has been around for more than a decade, having garnered a loyal following of customers for their body massages and skin treatments.


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[Review] My Marie France Bodyline Slimming Experience


I have been stuffing myself so much over the festive period that I had developed a little extra pooch around my midsection. So no prizes for guessing, but one of my new year resolutions was to lose that flabby tummy. And this is where Marie France Bodyline comes into the picture, well known for their professional consultation services and individually tailored slimming programmes with the latest technologies, plus the fact that they are the reason behind Fann Wong’s fabulous figure now. I knew that I was in good hands.


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[Review] Facial & Massage at Passage New York

Nestled in the bustling Central Business District area is a spa boutique called Passage New York. A perfect haven for office workers in the area to come by for a quick lunch time treat or to simply unwind after work with an indulging spa session.


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Help For Mummies Who Want To Get Back In Shape

Congratulations, you are now a mother to a beautiful baby. You check out your reflection in the mirror and is rudely shocked by what you see. Many women expect to magically shrink back into their pre-pregnancy size soon after delivery. Blame those celebrity new mums for strutting around in their bikini-ready bodies.

But unfortunately for most of us, things are not that simple. So now, all you see peering back at you are a bulging tummy that still looks five months pregnant. The flabby skin hanging out in areas of your body which you have never seen before. And as if to add injury to insult, cellulite marks adorn your stomach, butt and thighs. Oh the horrors!


Being able to get back in shape is what most women worry about. Even for myself, staying in shape is a tough call given that I am so busy juggling family life, work and the baby. I must admit that the last time I did any exercise was prenatal yoga (if you even consider that exercise). All of my time has been devoted to nurturing baby Asher. And I do not exactly watch what I eat, couple that with no exercise at all, it is no surprise that I have developed a small tummy. Furthermore, if you are a new mother, your doctor would warn you against subjecting your body to vigorous exercise. So this is where The Body Firm comes in to help mothers like you & me.


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My Postnatal Jamu Massage

More & more modern chinese women are taking up postnatal massages to slim down the tummy as well as detoxify the body and encourage a speedy afterbirth recovery. I was concerned about losing the extra tummy flabs and getting my uterus to shrink so I did some online research for jamu massages.

There’s quite a number of companies specializing in such postnatal jamu massages in the comfort of your own home. In addition, there are also many freelancers out there offering their services too. However, due to my paranoia nature, I decided to engage the services of a company instead of a freelancer. As I was afraid of a freelancer running away with my deposit and never to be seen again.

And of all websites online that offered such jamu massage services, I found Origins Jamu Massage the most user-friendly. They had all the prices stated upfront and deposit could be made online instantly via credit card or Paypal. You don’t know how elated I am to find a local company that allows Paypal payment. It’s such a convenient payment tool, every e-comm website or seller online should utilize it.

So I had my 3rd session already and will continue for another four sessions before I am done. I could see that my tummy has gone down quite abit but then again, I didn’t really have much of a tummy. I noticed that it deflated on its own by the 10th day. However I was informed that I could see more significant results after the 5th session, which I can’t wait and I will update the results here!

After the massage, my tummy would be wrapped in a binder with jamu and ginger paste. I’m supposed to keep this on for at least 6 hours for best effects.

It can get spicy and slightly uncomfortable but that’s the price to pay for beauty.

I’d gained a total of 12kg during my pregnancy and have shed 8 kg so far. I’m just a mere 4kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I can’t wait to achieve that.

[Review] Prenatal Massage at Knead Holland Village

So recently, I have been experiencing quite a bit of aches due to all the shopping for the little one. And I decided to just give Knead a shot for my first prenatal massage. My therapist was Doris and according to the receptionist, an experienced lady with prenatal massages.

Anyway, this is my first visit to Knead, as well as my first prenatal massage. I’ve long wanted to get a massage because of all the aches I had been getting. Pre-natal massage relieves muscle aches on the back, neck, shoulders, and abdomen, it can also significantly reduce anxiety and stress. It also helps to reduce water retention especially for mommies in the third trimester.

Knead does not have individual rooms for the massages but curtains which separates you from the other patron. The room which I was in had three beds in there, I was a little disappointed initially. However, my session went on without much disturbance because the other patron & her therapist in the same room were pretty quiet. Some places have individual rooms but you still can hear the conversation going on and it can mess up with your relaxation.

The massage started off with a foot massage, followed by the arm massage. My therapist mentioned that the foot rub would mean a good night’s sleep later on. After the arm massage, Doris proceeded to give me a shoulder and neck massage. I have very knotty and tensed neck muscles due to facing a computer most of the time. She also gave me a facial massage before proceeding to doing my back. So it was a whole full body massage which I had received, toes, feet, thighs, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and back. Just no massage on the tummy obviously and the boobs.

All these for 90 minutes at S$100 nett. It’s really worth it and affordable. I also slept well that night cause usually I have trouble sleeping at night ever since my tummy grew. My body no longer ached after the massage session and I definitely felt more relaxed. You could also opt for the 60 minutes at S$70.

Knead HV is located conveniently in Holland Village, just opposite Wala Wala. Not many places offer pre-natal massages, but there are a few in Holland Village which I’ve just found out. For example, you can check out QiMantra and Afond Spa too.

2012 DIY Beauty Routine: How I prepared for my 1st day of work

Blessed with a public holiday on the much dreaded Monday, I had so much time on my hands I didn’t know what to do. Till it hit me, I should do a little DIY ‘spa’ preparation for the 1st work day of 2012. Not that I was looking forward to the end of a long weekend but at least, I could indulge in some self-pampering.

First & foremost, I indulged in a DIY Scrub + massage using the Aqua Rine Aroma Bath Sea Salt.

A scrub helps in exfoliating and ridding the dead skin cells which causes dry skin; something I’d noticed on my lower legs. Furthermore, the scrub would also help with removing ingrown hairs, this comes in handy for those who shave/wax/epilate. After the indulging scrub, you get skin so soft and baby smooth, you would just wanna roll around on your bed bare naked.

For those who prefer the convenience of hair removal at home, you may try an epilator. This handheld gadget is like a bunch of tweezers that pluck out hair as you maneuver it over your skin. With all ingrown hair loosen by the scrub, this is a perfect opportunity for some maintenance.

Check out the latest ones from Philips, they do come in really pretty designs and are affordably tagged below S$200.

Once you are done, soothe the skin with some ice pack if necessary. Else it times to lather up with body butter. I chose the rich Martha Tilaar Dewi Sri body butter in Citrus Paradisi.

The rich, creamy body butter feels luxurious on the skin and is great for those of you who sleep in air-conditioned rooms. The sweet citrus scent is also pleasant and light on the nose.

Following that, I pampered my feet with this Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid. I guess it works the same as the Baby Foot Easy Pack which softens the dead skin on the back of your feet and causes them to peel so that you would get soft, baby smooth feet.

I can’t wait to try it out and post the review soon, so do stay tuned. I’ll tuck in bed later on tonight with the Laneige Multiberry Sleeping Pack for perky, hydrated skin when I wake up. :)

Pamper your sole

Other than the neck (Check out my post on neck care HERE), another much neglected body part would be the feet. We walk all day on them but yet pay so little attention to them. Trotting around in those four inches are no easy task, so perhaps its time you did something about it.

Some tips you can try in the comforts of your home…

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[REVIEW] Lava Stones Detox and Relaxing Massage at One Beauty Spa

Thanks to Sample Store One Beauty Spa , I was treated to a lovely Hot Lava Stone Massage at the One Beauty Spa premises down at Liang Seah Street. 


A little introduction on One Beauty Spa

One Beauty Spa was started with a passion of providing premier yet affordable luxury spa services.

We strive to leave a beautiful and lasting experience for our customers. Each will be treated accordingly to the individual’s unique need for overall well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation. Our mission is to combine our experience with the most advanced products, training and technologies in skin care to provide our customers with a lasting, positive glow on their mental and physical being. We specialise in all skin conditions and problems.”

Located conveniently near Bugis MRT, it was a short walk from Bugis Junction down to 14 Liang Seah Street where this little spa hideout is at. Upon arrival, I was greeted by their friendly staff and given some hot Jasmine tea to relax with before my massage. 

One Beauty Spa has a simplistic & pleasant decor that gives me a soothing & welcoming feel as I stepped into it.
They also had this wonderful aromatherapy scent that soothes and calms one down.


My choice of pampering treat was the Lava Stones Detox and Relaxing Massage:

“Lava Stone Detox and Relaxing Massage (45mins)
Feel tension and tightness melt away as skilful hands relieve you of your muscular aches and pains. Real Lava stones from the most active volcano near Italy, are also used to aid detoxification and to absorb the body’s negative energy resulting in improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.”


The consultation room and counter are located downstairs while there is 2 levels of treatment rooms above.
Before I proceeded up the stairs, I got to change into slippers which were relatively brand new.
However, I would still prefer disposable slippers like the ones hotels provide.
But still, no issues with this as the ones I got were pretty new & most importantly, clean.

Next, I was brought to my treatment room which was a little small, however, it did not bother me much as I am not claustrophobic. However, one drawback of their rooms was that some shared the air-conditioning facility as another room, hence, there was an opening near the ceiling. And I happened to be allocated to one such treatment room, this meant that I could hear what was going on in the other room. And unfortunately for me, it was occupied with a rather chatty customer & therapist.

However, the relaxing music and dimly-lit room soon managed to distract me off their conversation. And as the masseur worked her magic on me, I was almost off to la-la land. Just when I was about to fall into deep slumber, I was told the massage was completed. Awww…so sad that my indulging treat has come to an end. My masseur was a very polite and considerate lady who constantly asked if the strength used was just right for me or if the lava stones were too hot.

What I thought of it?

Environment: 4/5 Place looks spacious, clean and welcoming.
Facilities: 3/5 Not bad, however, the chattering from the next room was disturbing. This is due to the hole in the wall caused by the shared air-conditioning unit.
Treatment: 3.5/5 – Therapist was not bad, she talked only when required so that I could relax. Her massage was firm.

Value for money: 5/5

Overall Rating:


I learnt that there was a difference between hot stone massages & lava stone massages.
To me, stones are stones and these 2 different types of stones do look alike. However, the lava stone used at One Beauty Spa are specially imported from the volcanic regions of Italy and they have minerals embedded within that are helpful in detoxifying the body and improving one’s blood circulation. However, results would only be more obvious if one were to experience this massage over the long run.

Usual price for this treatment is S$128.00. However, if you’re keen to try it out, first trial for this treatment is now available at SPECIAL PRICE of S$28.80, with optional S$8.80 each for any of the following items:  Organic Essential Oils, Detox Back Scrub, Hand Paraffin, Foot Paraffin!

One Beauty Spa also offers a full range of pampering services using the latest and the most advanced equipment, targeted at showing results and providing a personal and lasting experience.

Radiance and Glow: RF Face Lift, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Wide range of maintenance and therapeutics
Facials, Eye / Neck / Back Treatments.
Slimming, Cellulite Treatments, Firming and Toning: Radio Frequency Slimming, Cellulite Treatment and
Toning for Body, Bust Lifting and Firming.
Body Rejuvenation: Body Scrubs / Polish, Body Massages, Lava Stone Body Treatment, Hand / Foot
Reflexology, Body Wraps, Parafango.
Complete Beauty: Paraffin, Manicure & Pedicure, Waxing, IPL Permanent Hair Reduction.
For their full menu, please visit: One Beauty Spa 


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