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Women seeking ways to further beautify themselves are able to access these information readily online. With the help of science and medical knowledge, no perception of beauty is too far-fetched. You wanna look like a Korean superstar? Check out the must-have features which are popular now. Want to wear Louboutins without pain? Well, we have a solution for you.

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Flipflops can be harmful for your feet

After splurging S$60 on a pair of new Havaianas black flip-flops, I chanced upon this article by HerWorldPlus, stating on how they are not recommended for extensive walking.

OMG, seriously? Now that I’m banned from wearing anything remotely with a heel. I have been seeking comfort in flats and flipflops naturally. Hence, the new purchase of another pair of Havaianas too.

I’ve done shopping in my flip-flops and found them the most comfortable footwear for extensive walking around town. So now, you’re telling me that they might wreck havoc on my feet? Oh no :(

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, flip-flops offer no arch support, heel cushioning, or shock absorption when compared with shoes. Also, exposing our feet in such footwear would result in sun damage. Honestly, I have not thought that much about it and admit that I do not slather sunscreen on my feet at all. But it’s recommended that you do so if you are wearing flip-flops.

So while flip-flops are great for the beach or swimming pools, experts recommend proper shoes when going for extensive walks and I’m pretty sure that includes shopping.

So perhaps, it time to chuck those flip-flops aside and opt for other suitable footwear the next time you are to head out for a shopping trip.

2012 DIY Beauty Routine: How I prepared for my 1st day of work

Blessed with a public holiday on the much dreaded Monday, I had so much time on my hands I didn’t know what to do. Till it hit me, I should do a little DIY ‘spa’ preparation for the 1st work day of 2012. Not that I was looking forward to the end of a long weekend but at least, I could indulge in some self-pampering.

First & foremost, I indulged in a DIY Scrub + massage using the Aqua Rine Aroma Bath Sea Salt.

A scrub helps in exfoliating and ridding the dead skin cells which causes dry skin; something I’d noticed on my lower legs. Furthermore, the scrub would also help with removing ingrown hairs, this comes in handy for those who shave/wax/epilate. After the indulging scrub, you get skin so soft and baby smooth, you would just wanna roll around on your bed bare naked.

For those who prefer the convenience of hair removal at home, you may try an epilator. This handheld gadget is like a bunch of tweezers that pluck out hair as you maneuver it over your skin. With all ingrown hair loosen by the scrub, this is a perfect opportunity for some maintenance.

Check out the latest ones from Philips, they do come in really pretty designs and are affordably tagged below S$200.

Once you are done, soothe the skin with some ice pack if necessary. Else it times to lather up with body butter. I chose the rich Martha Tilaar Dewi Sri body butter in Citrus Paradisi.

The rich, creamy body butter feels luxurious on the skin and is great for those of you who sleep in air-conditioned rooms. The sweet citrus scent is also pleasant and light on the nose.

Following that, I pampered my feet with this Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid. I guess it works the same as the Baby Foot Easy Pack which softens the dead skin on the back of your feet and causes them to peel so that you would get soft, baby smooth feet.

I can’t wait to try it out and post the review soon, so do stay tuned. I’ll tuck in bed later on tonight with the Laneige Multiberry Sleeping Pack for perky, hydrated skin when I wake up. :)

Pamper your sole

Other than the neck (Check out my post on neck care HERE), another much neglected body part would be the feet. We walk all day on them but yet pay so little attention to them. Trotting around in those four inches are no easy task, so perhaps its time you did something about it.

Some tips you can try in the comforts of your home…

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[REVIEW] Baby Foot Easy Pack to achieve Baby Smooth Feet


Previously, I had blogged about trying out this product.


You can read my introductory post HERE

By the 3rd day, my skin started to peel! It soon became a habit to just keep rubbing and peeling off the dead skin while I used my laptop at home.

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Trying out my Baby Foot Easy Pack Part I

Beauty Bistro is a company most of you beauty junkies should be familiar with. They have brought in famous beauty brands such as Shills,  Anosa & Baby foot!!  As I have dry and rough soles on my feet, I jumped at the opportunity to try out the Baby Foot Easy Pack when they wanted to sponsor me a product.




This entry is long overdue and I apologize as I was out-stationed recently. I did not get to try it till today and what I like about it is the ease of usage.
Just 3 simple steps :

Wash feet, wear baby foot easy pack and then let the dry skin peel off naturally in the next 3-7 days!

This is part I of my review which shows how I am going to use the product.

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Dr Foot Pro @ Citibella – WASTE OF MONEY & TIME

It says: Instant results after 1st treatment: BULLSHIT!

I paid $48 (First-timer promotional price) for the Dr Foot Pro treatment at Citibella.
Seriously, after watching the video above.
Don’t you feel a single bit tempted to try it out?
Well, I did since I was facing the darn TV screen watching it replay continuously as I was having my manicure done.

I went for mine,left immensely disappointed and with feet no different from the day before the visit to Citibella.
I felt cheated and hence, I am writing this entry to make sure noone else gets tricked by what they see in the advert.

From 1:04 to 2:05 of the video, you can see that the beautician slowly scraps off the calluses and dead skin. Mine was a few quick ticklish scraps from top to bottom after she removed the layer of goo left behind by the Dr Foot Pro preparation sheets with the scrapping tool.

It was done so quickly, I was left there thinking “WTF? Done already?!?”
Is this why Citibella disallows comments to be placed in their YouTube video?
Afraid of backlash from unhappy & dissatisfied customers like me?

Anyway, IIRC, the actual price is much more expensive. Like SGD70-100+ over.
Talk about daylight robbery for something that does not even work.

I’m also putting off getting my manicures done there.
Their staff’s skills are mediocre and I can definitely get more bang for my money elsewhere.

To get the record straight, I’m upset with Citibella’s service.
I’m sure if the Dr Foot Pro treatment was administered by another beauty salon with experienced professionals; the results & overall experience would have been different.


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