Splash Park Playground at Sembawang Shopping Centre


We have been to the Sembawang Shopping Centre playground several times but today we decided to try out the splash park instead. The splash park is in operation on weekdays from 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm. While on the weekends, it is in operation during 11 am to 8 pm. We went on a weekday afternoon and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves :)

Sembawang Shopping Centre Splash Park

The splash park is packed with these water play equipment that features different water movements such as flowing, misting, and jetting.

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[Review] Mozzieguard 100% Natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent Patch


So Kaiser Pharmaceutical has a new product which is really handy for the mozzie season now. It has been raining almost everyday and I am pretty sure those aedes mosquitoes would be showing up pretty soon. These are the Mozzieguard 100% Natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent Patches which comes in packs of 10 individually packed patches in a resealable zip packet.

Mozzieguard 100% Natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent Patch

Unlike most repellent patches currently available in the market which uses citronella or other oils, the Mozzieguard uses 100% natural lemon eucalyptus oil which is according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention an effective mosquito repellent on par with DEET repellents. It is also DEET-free, making it safe for infants and young children.

Well, I think we brought it out to its ultimate test field. And that would be the Night Safari after a rainy afternoon! So how did it fare? Read on to find out.

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It is 2016 But Working Mothers Still Face Discrimination At Work

When I became a mother, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a break off work for two years to look after my then toddler. I certainly did not foresee the challenges that came along with being a working mother after returning to the work force following that short break.


On an economical level, women are encouraged to return to work after having children. There have been committees and groups which were set up to help women remain in the workforce, facilitate non-working women to enter or return to the workforce. Flexi-work arrangements and telecommuting are just some suggestions rolled out by the government so that women could continue staying active in the workforce while at the same time care for their children.

Working mothers of today are often struggling to find that perfect balance. They face immerse pressure to perform well both at the workplace and home. We are supposed to be the modern career woman who contributes to the economy while helping our husbands’ shoulder part of the financial burden. At the same time, we are also expected to be the nurturing mother who raises her children well, while simultaneously managing other matters of the household. What happens if you choose to be on either side of the fence? Continue reading

[Review] Philips Mite Cleaner FC6232/02


So the kiddo has allergy rhinitis, which apparently is rather common in Singapore, affecting up to 50 per cent of children aged 4 to 17 years. And the most common trigger for allergic rhinitis is exposure to house dust mites, followed by cigarette smoke. There are a couple of ways to get rid of house dust mites. You could call in the professionals for cleaning or buy a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for mattress cleaning.

It was saturday night when I decided to get a dust mite cleaner and I wanted to get one to start cleaning by sunday. So my first stop was Qoo10, I remember seeing a number of models selling online but after some thoughts, I decided to get it from a store because I could not wait for delivery.


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When The Boy Falls Sick…


All it takes is just one sick child to throw a wench into your plans. I didn’t intend to take leave today but I had to because the boy fell sick again. He has been having the dreaded flu and cough on and off. And after trying western medicine for the longest time, we decided to switch to TCM aka Traditional Chinese Medicine.


So he was getting better till things took a turn for the worst and here I am, back at the TCM doctors again. Just mere 3 days after our last visit for treatment. But the thing with cough is that it is such a common occurrence especially with little children. The same goes for adults, on the public transport, you can hear and see people coughing away. Even in my office, there are a few who are also afflicted with the dreaded cough. So one of the ways to deal with this is not to make it such a big deal, face it, kids fall sick all the time. Continue reading

[Review] Nano Biogenie & Metabolites Children’s Supplement from Japan!



It has been 3 months since I started working after staying home for 2 years. I had made the decision to return work once I found that Asher was adapting well in childcare. I thought it was great that he got to embark on a learning journey with other children his age and gain independence. However, something that bothered me was how he was constantly catching the flu and cough bug once he started school. After chatting with my fellow mummy friends, I realized that this was a common problem among children once they went to school, regardless of whether it was full day childcare or a two-hour playgroup. Due to their immature immune systems, little ones were more susceptible to falling ill when exposed to dreadful viruses.

Collage 2016-04-11 22_15_30

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Halloween 2015 Events For Children


It is the time of the year again where parents have the excuse to dress up their little ones in costumes they wished that they had the guts to carry out. If you are wondering where are the appropriate places you could bring your children to celebrate Halloween without risking a nightmare or damaged childhood. Then fret not, because I have compiled a list of not-so-scary Halloween parties that are happening this October.


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Rainy (or Hazy) Day Indoor Activities With Your Toddler



So the haze (or rain) might have kept you and your toddler indoors longer than expected but fret not, because there are so many activities you could do so in the comforts of your very own home. It’s time to stock up on some of the items required for these activities and best of all, you don’t need to get out of the house to purchase them. Hooray for online shopping! Continue reading

My Guide To Purchasing 2nd Hand Items for Babies & Kids


I’ve probably repeated this many times but I’m going to say it again. Raising a child in Singapore can be expensive which is why I am going to share on how I save some money by going for second-hand items. There is nothing wrong in buying preloved, I also believe that the money saved could be better spent on other essentials such as insurance or education.


What baby/toddler items you should buy second hand?
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[Review] Fun N Laughter Indoor Playground


Fun N Laughter located at B2 of City Square Mall, has been opened for around 3 months but we only managed to find time to drop by this week. It has a play room for babies and toddlers as well as a play area for older kids.


From the outside, it looks just like another toy store. Continue reading

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