Affordable Gifts From RISIS’s exclusive Mother’s Day collection – Dance


RISIS’s exclusive Mother’s Day collection, Dance, pays tribute to the good old days when our mothers took our hands in sway to the music, to the RISIS 24K gold-plated Ecuadorian Rose that embodies the notion of how a mother’s love is timeless and unconditional. This Mother’s Day, relive a fond memory of mum with RISIS’s selection of gifts that celebrate their gentle guidance and the comfort of their enduring love. Continue reading

[Review] Nano Biogenie & Metabolites Children’s Supplement from Japan!



It has been 3 months since I started working after staying home for 2 years. I had made the decision to return work once I found that Asher was adapting well in childcare. I thought it was great that he got to embark on a learning journey with other children his age and gain independence. However, something that bothered me was how he was constantly catching the flu and cough bug once he started school. After chatting with my fellow mummy friends, I realized that this was a common problem among children once they went to school, regardless of whether it was full day childcare or a two-hour playgroup. Due to their immature immune systems, little ones were more susceptible to falling ill when exposed to dreadful viruses.

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Random Musings…And my Taobao buys



Congrats to myself, I have survived working for a quarter of the year 2016. Gosh, time really does flies especially when you are juggling work and family. While this may come easily for the super women, it has been a struggle for me. I have gotten so used to the stay at home mom lifestyle that it is taking me some getting used to. I think I miss my freedom and afternoon naps the most.

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Wisma Atria’s LUSH grand reopening!


Lush at Wisma Atria had a revamp and I was invited to the reopening. This is the store that smells really great when you walk past it but I’ve not really stepped into it before. In fact, I’m a newbie to Lush products. And guess what? They have gained a fan. Lush products are made from fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. They are made with little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients, and tell you when they were made. And most importantly, Lush is against animal testing.


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[Review] My Marie France Bodyline Slimming Experience


I have been stuffing myself so much over the festive period that I had developed a little extra pooch around my midsection. So no prizes for guessing, but one of my new year resolutions was to lose that flabby tummy. And this is where Marie France Bodyline comes into the picture, well known for their professional consultation services and individually tailored slimming programmes with the latest technologies, plus the fact that they are the reason behind Fann Wong’s fabulous figure now. I knew that I was in good hands.


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100% Cash Back on ShopBack Today!


Today is a SPECIAL day because it is a Leap day. You have gotta wait 4 years for this extra day in a year. And even though it has fallen on a Monday, of all days, I’m still feeling lots of positive vibes for this day. 
But if you are not feeling it and suffering from the monday blues then this piece of good news should cheer you up. Remember ShopBack? The site that lets you earn as you shop.. I hope you have signed up for it. (If not, please read my previous blog entry on how to register and start saving!) Anyway, ShopBack Singapore ( has decided to give all shoppers 100% Cashback on this 29th Feb for the very first time in history!

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Presents Everyone Is Giving But Yet Don’t Really Want To Receive


When it comes to gift exchanges especially among acquaintances or colleagues, I’ll admit that it can be kinda tricky to shop for. I’m as guilty as charged when it comes to shopping for christmas present and would often take the easy way out by just heading to a store and grabbing whatever christmas promo set they have that fits my budget. I guess that many folks out there are doing the same till some christmas exchanges have come up with ban lists that prohibit the gifting of such items.


So here are a list of christmas presents which we have been so used to giving to others and yet not really excited about receiving… Continue reading

Christmas Giveaway #2 – Wellness Smooth’D 2-Day Speed Cleansing 12’s


If you have been watching Channel 8 drama shows lately, you would have seen this advertisement for the Kinohimitsu’s latest detox product. Here’s presenting the Wellness Smooth’D 2-Day Speed Cleansing 12’s!


Kinohimitsu 2-Day Speed Cleansing is designed with a busy modern lifestyle in mind to help your body to detox, boost immunity and beautify skin. It is easy, delicious and packed with potent active ingredients to complement your healthy eating plan. Cleanse your way to a healthier and revitalised body from the inside out in just 2 days! You can check out Kinohimitsu’s products at Watson’s Stores.

Here’s your chance to win a set to detox after all the Christmas feasting :)

Collage 2015-12-09 12_32_46-1-2

How to win it? Simple, just follow the instructions below.

  1. LIKE my Facebook Page – A Beauty Affair
  2. Like & Share this PHOTO on your Facebook Profile, make sure it’s public so that I can see it
  3. Leave your email address and Facebook name here in the comments. Comments are moderated so only I can see your email address to prevent fraudsters from claiming your prize. No worries about spams.

All of my Christmas Giveaway contests will end on 23rd Dec 2015! You are allowed to participate in more than 1 Christmas Giveaway. This is opened to all who have a delivery address in Singapore. Good luck :)

The Inside Out Collection On Threadless


Too cute! Threadless has just announced it’s Inside Out collection and being quite the Inside Out fan, this is just way too cute for me to handle. I’m supposed to be on a shopping ban after splurging on Taobao’s 11.11 sale but this is just screaming out to me.

The Inside Out Collection is here!

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Winner For The Dr Ci:Labo Giveaway


Thank you for participating in my Dr Ci:Labo giveaway last week!

And the lucky winner picked randomly is….

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