Law Of Attraction Planners & Life Journals by Freedom Mastery


This has got to be one of my most favourite things of 2018, planners by Freedom Mastery. There’s nothing like organising your life, increasing productivity while having positivity to keep you going and achieving your goals.

The one on the left is the undated 12 month planner in Rose Gold and the one on the right is the dated deluxe 12 month planner in Turquoise.

Take a peek into the interior of the dated deluxe 12 month planner:

The first page features an inspirational quote by Gandhi. This is the same for both the dated and undated planners.

Fill up your life and vision statement on the next page. Lots of writing space in the planner itself.

There’s even a Law of Attraction Roadmap to guide you on your journey to positivity!

More information on emotional vibration and affirmations. My latest motto in life would be “Accept and Letting Go”. Sometimes it is not easy to do so but knowing when to cut loose and just accept the present can be very beneficial to our mental and emotional state of mind.

There are a few more pages devoted to self awareness and self discovery.

What are your life goals? Do you have 50 life goals to fill up this page?

Celebrate your successes in life with this page, note them down so you can always look back and remember how far you have come.

Next, there’s a 2018/2019 calendar and more space which you can enter more details on your spiritual journey in life.

Love the insides of the planner which makes organising my day and scheduling appointments a breeze.

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