Intimate Care Made Easy with Avalon


Having urinary tract infection is no joke, there are times when the pain can be so excoriating that you hardly have the strength to stand or walk. And yet, though this topic is not often openly talked about, it is much more common than we think it is. After a brief discussion with a couple of friends and colleagues, I found out that most of them have at least encountered UTI at some point of their lives. And once you have had UTI, the probability of it recurring is unfortunately much higher.


However, the good thing is that we can take precaution in preventing an infection and one of the ways would be to take Avalon Femi Care Women’s Intimate Enzyme Drink daily. Made from 100% natural ingredients such as roselle extract, cranberry extract, pomegranate extract, fruits and vegetables enzymes. It tastes like a mixed berry drink and is best served chilled. This drink helps protect women’s intimate areas against bacterial growth. We all know how easy it is to get vaginal infections such as yeast infections or even trichomoniasis. It also helps in preventing the much dreaded UTI and is also an anti-oxidant support.


I am always on the look out for products which would help with my feminine health and was glad that I was recommended this. So far, it has been helping me stay healthy and keeping the UTI at bay, I also like that they have packed each day’s dosage into individual bottles which makes consumption really convenient especially for those of us who are always in a rush. And it tastes like a nice mixed berry drink especially when it is drank chilled, so it is really easy on the palate.

The best about this drink is not only on the health benefits but also how it can help improve dull and acne complexion as well. Roselle and pomegranate extracts are both known to have anti-aging properties and restoring hormonal imbalance. So expect better skin and a healthy intimate region with this drink!

I am currently taking these daily and will be getting more during their special 12.12 sale on Qoo10! As part of the 1212 Qoo10 exclusive giveaway, the first 8 customers to purchase 2 boxes of Avalon Femi Care Women’s Intimate Enzyme Drink on their Qoo10 e-store will receive a set of I’m In Naked Signature Premium Set (containing 1 bralette and 1 cheekie), and the next 25 to purchase 2 boxes will receive a $20 I’m In e-voucher as well! So do check it out!

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