Premium DIY Terrarium Kit From Floral Garage


With Christmas around the corner, the hunt for meaningful presents begin. When it comes to looking for a gift that is less than conventional, the Premium DIY Terrarium Kit from Floral Garage definitely tops my list. You could give it as it is but personally, I feel that it would be more thoughtful if you did up the terrariums yourself before presenting it to your loved one.


The entire package comes in a huge box with an equally big ribbon to match, making it a presentable gift for your special someone. Or even as a couple project for you and your partner to carry out together.


Here’s what you would receive in a kit.

  • Six plants
  • Two Glass Jars
  • One Spray Bottle
  • Gardening Tools
  • 1.5 kg of Premium Terrarium Mix
  • 1.25 kg of Gravel
  • 250g of Activated Charcoal
  • Three packets of Decorative Pebbles, 800g each

I am really new to this and have always wanted to do up my own terrarium for the longest time. Terrariums look so simple to put together so I wasn’t expecting what was in store for me. One of the challenges I faced would be in uprooting the plants and repotting them into the terrarium jar. The glass cookie jar provided might be a tad too small to include all of the plants so you have to decided which to put in which since you are given another much smaller mini glass bowl.

An instruction list is given but I would advise you to google for more details on how to put together a terrarium if you are a newbie. First, we layer in an inch or two of charcoal as the base for the terrarium.

I love the mini garden tools which comes along with the kit. Next, we add on the premium terrarium mix onto the charcoal.

After repotting the plants, I added the assortment of pebbles around layer by layer. So right now, I am almost done. And it has taken me more than an hour to get all of this done even though everything looks so easy. So whoever that is going to receive this terrarium from me as gift better appreciate it because of the hard work and sweat that gone into it.


And voila! Here is presenting my final master piece for both terrariums.


I added on the butterflies myself and am totally loving my new fairy garden. If DIY-ing isn’t really your style then you can always check out the ready made terrariums available for sale on Floral Garage’s Web Store.

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