Hair Cut & Mucota Hair Treatment @ Agpujeong Salon


So I’m really excited to share that I’ve gotten a new hair sponsor: Agpujeong, which also happened to the salon which I had my hair dye job and cut done previously in Nov last year after returning from a holiday in Seoul.

This round, my stylist was Korean senior stylist, Mr Sean. He felt that my hair was too “big” aka “pong”. Well, I have really thick hair and as mentioned, my hair was previously ruined at another salon where they over-layered my hair and so it got really big and frizzy. So he was going to help me thin it without adding on to the layers.


I had booked the appointment initially hoping to get a perm. Unfortunately, I could do get one done because of my bleached highlights. My hair condition was pretty dry to begin with so Sean was worried that a perm was going to further damage my hair. It can be quite rare to find stylists who are genuinely concerned about the condition of your hair and  I really appreciated his honesty on the matter. Therefore, in the end, I settled for a hair cut and treatment to soothe and smooth out my dry hair.

As my hair is super dry, I was recommended this their Mucota signature treatment 1 (Kerathermie) which is an intensive nourishing treatment that uses 2 concentrates for a longer lasting effect. This treatment is best suited for those with dry and damaged hair that is coarse and thick, well, that sounds exactly like mine.

The pampering treatment lasted around an hour plus and the last stage includes steaming so that all the goodness in the hair concentrates could penetrate deep into my damaged hair to treat and repair it.

At the end of the treatment, my hair felt more manageable, softer and smoother :) Sean helped tong my hair so I could get these nice (but sadly, non-permanent) waves. He felt that curls would add years to my looks and I agreed wholeheartedly. The wavy hair however told a different tale.


The sad thing is that I have to wait really long before I can get a perm because I need to totally outgrow the bleached highlights. I think the next round I would go for a colour change, really can’t wait till then :)

You can find out more information such as the treatments which Apgujeong has to offer, price list and even branch locations from their main website

The branch which I went to is located in Bishan Junction 8 at #02-18.


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