Vision board DIY in time for New Moon Intentions


We all are pretty familiar with new year resolutions, usually we come up with a list, get enthusiastic about them for awhile and then ditch them before even half the year is gone. What started out as a new year resolution, which was to go on a spiritual journey of emotional and mental healing has craved a path of calm, happiness and gratitude. All the crap I had faced and endured in 2016 was for a reason and essential to my own spiritual and mental growth this year. The results I have been receiving has been amazing! Relationships have been healed, lots of blessings have come my way and I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Looking back, I had dabbled a little with crystals in early Feb, tried my hand at manifestation and read up on the law of attraction in May. I am not sure when I started doing moon rituals but I had started out doing full moons. Tonight at 2.30am, it would be a new moon, but before I dive into details about the new moon ritual, first let me share a little about moon rituals.

new moon

Moon rituals are an symbolic act and way of reconnecting with your inner self. There is no religion involved, though some may say that there are some pagan roots involved. But for me, there is no worshipping of the moon and all that. The new moon is great for setting new intentions whereas the full moon is for letting go off things, people, emotions and energies which no longer serves you or is holding you back from achieving your goals.

People who do not believe tend to be skeptical about all this talk on manifestation and moon rituals. I started off by manifesting enough money to pay off my credit card bills every month because I do not hold a job at the moment. So while I do not monitor my spending excessively, I also make sure that I do not splurge unnecessarily like swiping for a new Chanel. Somehow, I had still manage to rack up between $800 to $1000 in CC bills a month, most of it on food and shopping. Insurance premiums and fees for enrichment classes for the boy are not included in this sum and yet, I still manage to pay off every single bill. I manifest small amounts of money through my online sales, blog advertorial collaborations and so on, of which I am immensely grateful for. Of course, I am working on manifesting the right job for me and I believe I will soon find it in time to come.

The new moon is all about new beginnings and starting on a fresh page. This new moon, I have my intentions set on finding my desired career, and eventually a new home and car. The vision board was an impromptu decision but one so appropriate considering how it is the new moon tomorrow! I had this cork board which I had gotten from Daiso for my son’s art project but we ended up not using it. I took it as sign for me to start an abundance vision board.


It costs just $2 and you could use pins, washi tape or even double-sided tape like I did to do up mine. It would have been more fun if I had magazines from which I could cut out pictures from but unfortunately, in this digital age and time, I had none. So I browsed the internet for photos and printed them out.


I even printed a cheque addressed to myself, the options are endless, what matters most is that you have fun putting the vision board together. Like the new moon rituals, vision boards are just one of the many mind exercises you can do. Visualisation is a powerful tool and an often-taught mental rehearsal technique in sports. You might have heard of the following study before …

A study conducted by Dr. Biasiotto at the University of Chicago was done where he split people into three groups and tested each group on how many free throws they could make.

After this, he had the first group practice free throws every day for an hour.

The second group just visualized themselves making free throws.

The third group did nothing.

After 30 days, he tested them again.

The first group improved by 24%.

The second group improved by 23% without touching a basketball.

The third group did not improve which was expected.

This would be a good reinforcement tool for me while doing my new moon intentions tonight. A simple new moon ritual which I had come up with was a short meditation followed by me penning down on paper my gratitude for the day and my new intentions for the new moon. Why write it down? Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, recently studied the art and science of goal setting. She found that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis. So there is power in both visualising and writing down your goals.

Next, I would light a candle as a symbolic act of sending my intentions to the universe or higher powers or a God which you believe in. The beauty of this ritual is that it works for all religions, you send your requests, intentions and prayers to the higher powers which YOU believe in. Unfortunately, some very close-minded individuals think of this as witch-craft or paganism.

Best of all, there is no right or wrong. If uncertain, you could always google for a simple ritual to follow. Else you could always create your own, you do what feels right and best for you. And like with all things, having a positive attitude with an open heart and mind is essential. I hope this blog post has managed to explain the significance and the steps to starting your own manifestation journey. :)

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