Eyebrows On Fleek by LEEKAJA


Leekaja Hair Salon was established by Madame Leekaja back in 1972 in South Korea and was the first franchised hair dressing brand. Since then, LKJ Hair Salon has been the most stylish and prestigious hair salon brand in Korea and have branched out overseas with 130 shops in Korea, 15 in USA, 33 in China and most recently launched the first LKJ hair salon in Australia.


Located conveniently in the heart of Orchard at Mandarin Gallery, #03-13, one would not be able to miss Leekaja because of its posh and eye-catching decor. A one-stop beauty salon specialising in Korean trends, you can find hair, nail, eyelash, semi-permanent makeup such as eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner embroidery and even barber services.


Feel pampered like a Korean celebrity getting your beauty treatment done at Leekaja. The moment you step in, you are warmly greeted by the stylists whom you might initially thought of them as models because everyone looks so good.


Next, I was ushered to the waiting area where I was given a drinks menu to select my choice of drink. So would it be coffee, tea, hot cocoa or fresh juices?


I chose the apple and carrot fresh juice mix and this was served with coffee cake and a fresh banana!


Now, let me show you the treatment area which holds two cosy treatment beds.


My eyebrow technician is a pretty Korean lady, by the name of Ina. She cleans my eyebrows before discussing with me on the type of shade and colour I prefer. Since my eyebrows still have some “leftover” embroidery from the previous job last year, we could not change the shape but she could do over it and make it look fresh again.


As you can see from the above photo, my old brows look faded and weird. But Ina did a great job in restoring them and now I think they look great!


Most importantly, I did not look like Crayon Shin aka La Bi Xiao Xin! Previously, when I did my brows, I avoided going out for the next few days due to my brows looking really dark before they faded into the colour they were supposed to be. But this round, I had no issues at all because my brows were looking very natural. However, I was told that the 2nd day the brows might look darker before they start to gradually fade into a more natural shade of dark brown.

I was given a special after-care cream to apply on the brows for the next 3-5 days and also a list on how to take care of these new brows of mine.


Here is a photo of me and my pretty eyebrow tech Ina from Korea. My eyebrows are the 3D Natural Feather Brows done by machine + LKJ Signature, U.P S$1500 but for the month of August they are having a 50% discount now! Please contact them to enquire more.


Check out their website which includes the services they provide along with the pricing. You can also book your appointment on the website too or contact (+65)8133 0818 via phone, SMS or whatsapp with your enquiry.

Leekaja is located at 333A Orchard Road, #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, 238867.


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