Enchanted Evening of Wonder and Magic with the Fascinating Retelling of The Nutcracker



Not sure where to bring the kids to this school holiday? Check out the retelling of a timeless classic, The Nutcracker which is produced and presented by Gateway Entertainment and P’Art 1 Design. The Nutcracker infuse spectacular magic, special effects, video animation, and costumes that will capture the imagination and bring this wonderful tale to life. This is a first time I was seeing dance, lasers and magic tricks being combined into one exciting performance.

This magical, theatrical production, directed by Fan Dong Kai, will incorporate world-class illusions performed by award-winning illusionists and father-daughter duo Lawrence and Priscilla Khong. This is the first time the magic duo is staging a performance that has no narration or dialogue, and will rely solely on the art of magic, dance and state-of-the-art technology to tell the story. It will also combine classical music arranged in a modern style by renowned music director Kenn C. The retelling of the old Christmas classic will be the largest scale performance to be held at Gateway Theatre to date with an international dance troupe of 14 dancers and over 50 backstage production crew. The Nutcracker promises to take you on a magical adventure, that will dazzle your senses and touch your heart along the way.

Here are some sneaks from the show itself, with the highlight being how they have incorporated the laser light effects into the story.


Therefore, adding on to the suspense and thrill as we navigate through various scenes with the main protagonist.


However, my favourite scene has to be the one where they wander into an enchanted forest. Everything looks so magical and surreal, the front row audience also gets to experience it first hand when it starts to rain confetti and butterflies. Unfortunately, we were not seated close enough to the front to experience that, so now you know the perks of getting seats nearer to the stage.


Overall, both my friend and I had an great time at the show. I personally feel that children aged 5 and above would be able to appreciate this. So if you are wondering where to bring the children this September school holidays then do consider The Nutcracker. It is a family friendly and fun show which both young and old can enjoy together.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please head over to https://nutcracker.gateway.sg/ or Sistic

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