Been quite busy with personal projects of late so I have not been really blogging. And I really need to get back on track with that job hunting, I can feel myself sinking into my comfort zone. I need to get creative, go out and do my thing or simply do something besides shopping :X

So let’s just do a quick summary on what I have been up to. First of, I had Brazilian Gold Keratin treatment done. I had a trim but this hairstylist noob ruined my hair, she practically thinned my hair by 50%, leaving it with too many layers and super frizzy. So I had to tame it but I could not see myself splurging $300 on a hair treatment. Which is why a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and that was to head down to Fave (old Groupon) to grab a coupon for Keratin treatment. My girlfriend actually shared this with me and I decided to give it a try. I know there are a couple of Keratin treatments on Fave, the one which I had selected was Luxe X M at Katong 112.


The best thing is that hair has been much more manageable since, despite not buying the aftercare products from them. Which brings me to the next thing I wanna blog about, my LUSH shampoo bar called New. I was told by the salon that to maintain my hair, I had to use their aftercare products since my own products might not be suitable or too harsh for my treated hair. However, I decided to take the gamble because I did not want to spend another $70 that day. I had the LUSH shampoo bar called New and it being organic and natural and all that would be something I could use for my hair because I was told that chemical products would strip off the keratin at a faster rate.

Apparently, this is super good for mommies who are going through that 4th month hair loss period after giving birth or even during pregnancy. Anyway, I had tried another LUSH shampoo bar before and it was the Godiva. It was good but unfortunately, it crumbles easily after the 5th or 6th use. So it got pretty messy in the bathroom and I am more of a hassle-free girl so that did not sit well with me. Needless to say, I was skeptical about NEW but it was AWESOME! I have been using it for weeks and it is still the same old sturdy red bar. It foams up really quick and does not crumble or fall into tiny pieces across my bathroom floor. And it leaves my scalp feeling squeaky clean, I am not so sure about managing hair loss though. Combined together with my Keratin-infused conditioner from a brand I currently cannot recall, my hair has been on fleek.

The past week has been all about decluttering and cleaning up the house so I can carry out more DIY projects. Just to share a photo of my now very decluttered dining area.


I even wiped the interior of the lamp, can you believe it? Because most of my friends think I’m going crazy, as I hardly do housework. But this was kinda fun, guess all those Life Inspired shows kinda rubbed off on me, especially the ones on home staging.

Last but not least, I participated in Harvey Norman’s 52nd birthday celebration kid’s competition as a judge. Second time doing something judge-related with the first one being the one with Mrs Singapore. It was fun and some of the kids had some really talent going on.

And I guess that rounds things up, I can’t wait for my loot to arrive from TB so that I can finalise all of my DIY projects and update in this blog. Till next time! :)

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