[Review] Japan IPL Hair Removal


Had my first IPL experience over at Japan IPL after I bought a coupon off Fave, where they had 100 shots for just S$65 (I paid S$50 after using a promo code). So Japan IPL has several branches islandwide and the great thing about them is that you do not need to book an appointment. Just head down to your desired branch and get your IPL done.


The areas which I decided to try out IPL on were my upper lips and underarms. I had gone down with the intention of just utilising the shots for my upper lips because I was sick of having a shadow above my lips. But I was told that I had to utilise a minimum of 20 shots for the first round as they were giving these 20 shots for free to new customers. Upper lips requires just 10 shots so I decided to just get my underarms done too.

I did not know that you had to shave prior to treatment so if you didn’t then you would need to purchase a shaver from them at S$2, which you could bring down for subsequent sessions. But if you want to save on that, then remember to bring your own shaver along for your first session.

The branch which I had tried out was the one at Somerset MRT station. The treatment room was of a modest sized and included a treatment bed with the laser machine. There is a gown for you to change into if you were doing a body part which is not accessible through your clothes, like for example, Brazilian IPL.

IMG_2450The therapist explained to me that the machine would show the number of shots which were used during the treatment. I had around 10 shots on my upper lips and 37 shots for both underarms.


The whole treatment was all done within 10 minutes and the therapist did not do any hard selling, she just shared about their latest promotion. It has been close to 4 weeks since I last had my first treatment and so I cannot wait to return for the 2nd session next week when I’m free. I think I would need around 6 to 8 sessions before I start seeing some results. I know IPL isn’t a permanent solution to hair removal but I would be satisfied even with a much finer hair regrowth.


Liking what I see so far but can’t wait for the final results after I finish at least 6 sessions. Best thing is you can continue shaving in between sessions. It is my first time shaving my moustache and so I’m really glad it didn’t grow back looking like a forest. Apparently, that’s a shaving myth. Hair doesn’t grow back thicker or coarser.

More details on their services can be found at www.japaniplexpress.com

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