Meet The Frenchman Of Your Dreams


Sexual empowerment is about understanding, embracing and owning your sexuality, your body and your sexual needs. I am sure having sex is a great way to do so but there are other ways to explore your body and sexuality too. This is where sex toys come into the picture. Smile Makers supports sexual empowerment by offering high quality products that are feminine, friendly and fun.


Meet The Frenchman, one fifth of the Smile Makers which consists of the Fireman, the Millionaire, the Tennis Coach & the Surfer.


Say Bonjour to THE FRENCHMAN


The Frenchman is a truly unique intimate massager. Smooth and super flexible, it mimics the gentle touch you get from a tongue to perfection. Ideally combined with a light lubricant for an even more realistic experience.


For women looking for a very soft stroke, to stimulate erogenous zones, for solo use or with partner. This is for every woman who enjoys receiving oral sex.


Smile Makers make these really cute vibrators named after interesting personalities that bring life to the unique features of each toy. And the Frenchman happens to be bestowed with the gift of cunnilingus, which makes me wonder if this is based on a legend? Are frenchmen really that good in oral sex? Well, at least the Smile Maker’s does not disappoint.

Initially, one may find it a little confusing on how to use the Frenchman, but fret not because there is an instructional video available on the product page itself. It does require some experimenting before you find the right technique which pleases you. But that is the magic of exploring your sexuality, isn’t it? :)

Smile Makers are available locally in Watsons stores and at their online shop



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