Travel-friendly Solid Products From LUSH SG


Packing your toiletries for a holiday is no longer an issue with the solid products you can get from Lush. Ever heard of solid mouthwash, toothpaste or even a shampoo bar? Well, these are real products which you can find inside a Lush store.



Both the toothpaste and mouthwash comes in tablet form (Both at S$13 for 50g). To use the solid mouthwash, pop a tab into your mouth and let it fizz like a bath bomb then rinse with water, gurgle and spit it all out.


To use the solid toothpaste, simply pop one into your mouth, chew and then start brushing. They have a variation of flavours to choose from with natural ingredients such as Brazilian orange oils and floral rose oils. They also have tooth powders (S$15 for 55g) which is essentially like the crushed powder form of the tabs. Just tap your toothbrush into the jar and then start brushing. Cool, right? All of the their teeth products do not contain fluoride. And these teeth products are all packaged in recycled and recyclable bottles too.


This is the soap and solid shampoo bars section. I’ve tried a shampoo bar from Lush previously and was surprised by how easily it lathers and it actually left my hair feeling really smooth and moisturised. The soaps were great too, there’s the ones with honey (Honey, I Washed The Kids – S$15.90 for 100g) for a more moisturising wash and the ones with  skin-softening seaweed (Sea Vegetable – S$13.90 for 100g).


The shampoo bars are usually in circular form and here I am trying out Jason and The Argan Oil (S$24 for 55g). This one is really moisturising because of the argan oil, it would be great for dry and brittle hair.


A must have in your vanity pouch would be lip balms when you go travel because sometimes a change in a climate can cause those precious pluckers to dry out and peel. And once your lips start peeling, lipstick wont be able to go on smoothly so it would be time to exfoliate them. Check out the Honey lip scrub (S$25 for 20g)  available at Lush, made from natural ingredients.


Last but not least, do check out the knot wraps which are actually made from recycled plastic bottles! These wraps are great for wrapping up Lush gifts for that someone special, to use on its own as an accessory or even as a bag when knotted in the proper way. They even have a guide on how to use these wraps.


Prices start at S$9 onwards for a small wrap which is suitable for a single product to S$24 for the larger wraps like the one I got.



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